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Dog Separation Anxiety

Cartoon - Yorkie pulling on pant leg

Banish Those Separation Blues!

It's nice to be missed, but is your little furry one missing you too much when you leave them alone for a few hours? Here are two ways to make it easier for your baby while you're gone to help lessen separation anxiety!

Take one of your socks — yes, an unwashed one is best! — and fill it with cotton balls to get it nice and plump. Seal it up with a needle and thread, and there you have it: a soft, homemade toy that's covered in your scent so your dog can feel like you're still near. He can even sleep with it and feel like he's cuddling with you!

Essential oils are also a wonderful, natural way to calm your canine cutie so that they stress less. Take a doggie bandana, (or cut up cotton fabric to make one yourself), and apply a few drops of pure lavender essential oil, then put the bandana on your little one before leaving the house. Keep in mind that only very few drops are needed since a dog's sense of smell is so keen. We know you miss your baby as much as they miss you. These simple tips can make you both feel better!

- S. Athanasiou