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Dog I.D. Tags at Work

Pug with dog ID tag

Paws for Identification

"Not my dog!" That's very likely a reaction when someone suggests that, without an ID tag, their dog can end up lost for good. It's difficult to imagine being without our little ones. However, keep in mind it would be even harder to deal with if - under some extraordinary circumstance - it actually happened. That's why it's always important to have your dog wear identification, no matter how confident you are that your baby will never leave your side.

A well-cared-for pooch doesn't want to turn up lost, after all, they'll miss you terribly, but an innocent walk two feet away from you can result in exactly that. A friend of mine has a gorgeous small Yorkie named "Gigi" who is adored by everyone. One day a salesperson at a store in the local mall asked if she could hold Gigi and my friend agreed. The store got busy and instead of giving Gigi back to my friend, she put her down on the ground. Off ran the Yorkie princess into the depths of the crowded mall. As luck would have it, along with Gigi's impeccable taste, she ran into the nearby Coach boutique. Since she was wearing an ID tag with her name and my friend's cell phone number on it, the manager promptly called the now hysterical owner. The two were joyfully reunited.

My friend takes her baby everywhere and, until then, hadn't fully realized the need for Gigi to wear ID. It was only by "happenstance" that she had just picked up a pretty ID tag for her baby because of its beauty. Little did she know it would soon save her from being departed from her sweet small princess forever.

- S. Athanasiou