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Dog Grooming Tips

Cartoon - dog in bathtub getting shampoo

Good Dog Grooming Guidelines

Good grooming is essential for a happy, well-balanced pooch. Now, more than ever, eco-friendly, all natural grooming products are available for the four-legged persuasion.

For dogs with dry, damaged or long coats, Fur Butter. Fur Butter is an ultra-rich deep conditioning treatment containing Shea Butter and Colloidal Oatmeal to make the dog's coat super soft and silky. For in between baths try Dry Dog Instant Clean.

When it comes time to dry a dog, many people reach for the human blow dryer, this is a big no-no. A dog has thin, sensitive skin that can be burned or irritated by a standard blow dryer. If your dog shudders at the thought of a blow dryer, try a spa towel made of terry cloth to absorb excess water.

Different coats require different brushes. Short coats work best with a soft bristled brush. Wire coats require a pin brush. Long, silky coats necessitate a slicker brush.

Tear stains can be a problem for light colored dogs. Caused by excess tearing that can result in red yeast and bacteria, tear stains can make a beautiful dog look tired and sullied. Many products on the market today are all natural and highly effective at battling tear stains. Eye Envy fights the staining from the inside and outside. Eyemunity is an all natural dietary supplement that nourishes the dog’s immune system and helps reduce bacteria. Both are proven effective in the fight against tear stains.

It is always a good rule of thumb to have your grooming set put together and ready to go. In addition to shampoo, drying towel and pet dryer don’t forget to include nail clippers, nail file and a small set of scissors for trimming discolored fur. With these tools at hand, you are on your way to a cleaner, happier dog.

- Asya R.