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favorite product Chihuahua, Peluche wearing Queen of Hearts dog costume
favorite product Chihuahua wearing Suits dress dog costume
favorite product Yorkie wearing Clown dog costume
favorite product Mouse dog costumes


Huge Selection of Premium Quality Small Dog Costumes

G.W Little sources high-end quality products for your dogs and these costumes are no exception! You won’t find this quality at the Dollar store, that’s for sure. Year after year we hear back from very satisfied customers how well these costumes are made and how well they fit their dogs. We often hear about the awards won while entering in local costume contests. It’s also fun to find a matching costume for yourself and dress up as the same theme as your dog. The compliments are never ending.

We have such a huge selection of costumes that we have separated them by category for easier shopping. You may also try our search bar above and enter in any keywords you can think of. It helps to include the word “costume” in your search query.

Our costumes are designed with every attention to detail and scrutinized for fit, function, and inspected for the highest quality construction. Some of the most impressive designs are the witch costumes with tiny LED lights which makes a significant impression. They include a long-life battery and feature a hidden on/off switch contained in a small concealed sewn-in pouch.

Year after year favorites include the Pirate and Mouse costumes, Prince charming and Cowboy for boy dogs, Cleopatra and Witches for girl dogs. Of course, the Taco costume is a huge hit for Chihuahuas and when it comes time for Thanksgiving the Turkey costume and Pilgrims sell out fast. New designs are added every year and the collection is now well over 80 costumes to choose from.