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About Dog Collars

When it comes to selecting a dog collar for your small dog we first recommend you evaluate the need and purpose for a collar.  Most small dog pet parents don't walk their dogs on a leash attached to their collar.  Small dogs are very prone to collapsing trachea and any added pressure from a collar is not advisable.  If your dog suffers from or is a breed known to have high incidents of collapsing trachea you should be walking your dog using a harness and leave the collar for show only.

Most small dogs use collars as fashion statements to match a harness or jacket or to hang a bell or charm from.  Many collars may also be personalized which adds a level of comfort knowing if they get lost someone will be able to see their phone number and call you.    

Collars are available in many fabric choices, colors, and buckle styles.  Finding just the right collar can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to proper fit.  Typically, you'll hear a collar fits well when you put it on and can insert two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck.  We've found this works well for larger sizes of collars and dogs.  The smaller the dog the less this rule applies.  Plus, you may have a different opinion on what fits your dog better, a tighter or looser fitting collar.  For this reason, GW little offers a "Right-Size Promise" for a hassle-free exchange if the collar doesn't fit your liking.