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Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Dog Breed Information

Chinese Crested

This unique, rare breed is believed to have been developed by the Chinese. The Chinese have a strong appreciation for all things small so they bred down medium sized African hairless dogs to produce the modern day toy Chinese Crested.

Cresteds traveled the world with Chinese sailors for centuries as vermin hunters and to be used for trading in foreign ports of call. These high seas adventures led to the breed showing up in Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. This well traveled breed is now a pampered house pet.

The Chinese Crested is an extremely loving dog and craves constant companionship. They become very attached to their owners and can have difficulty adjusting to a new environment if they are placed in a new home. They are very intelligent and do well with children, although because they can be injured easily they are better off in a home with older kids. They're playful and love to snuggle on your lap.

Because Cresteds have no hair they're very sensitive to temperature extremes and must be kept indoors. They do require sunscreen on sunny days as their skin will burn, and will probably need lotion on dry days. They're very clean dogs and work well with people who have allergies since they have no hair to shed.

Cresteds love to play and don't need a ton of exercise. Usually some ball throwing in the backyard will do them good, although they do love going out on walks. This breed is perfect for tucking into a pet carrier and taking them along with you shopping. They love staying near their owners and would revel in all the attention!

The Chinese Crested was first registered with the AKC in 1991. For more information on this fascinating little breed visit the America Chinese Crested Club website at or the American Kennel Club at If you're interested in adopting a Chinese Crested that needs a good home, you can visit, or


Size 11 to 13 inches
Weight 5 to 10 pounds
Accepted Colors All colors
Coat Hairless Variety - hairless except for long, soft, silky hair on the head, tail and feet. Powder Puff Variety - long, soft, silky hair all over, and the Hairy-hairless.
Grooming No special grooming. The coat is not cut.
Origins China
Registration FCI, AKC, KCGB, ANKC
Group Toy
Notes The skin may require special care.