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Car Travel with Small Dogs

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Riding in Cars with Small Dogs

Introducing your dog to traveling with you in the car can be a very rewarding experience. On the days where you want your best friend to tag along with you on errands, or when it’s time for the family vacation, having a happy and safe canine is of utmost importance.

Is your dog new to travel? Start out with short trips. This may just be a drive around the block at first and then increase your drive time until Fido is comfortable and ready for longer trips. Always walk him before you start your trip and you may wish to avoid feeding him a main meal prior to departure, especially if he tends to get car sick. If your dog is stressed by travel, ask your Vet as he or she may have recommendations which will help with the situation.

What to bring:

  1. Dog collar with i.d. and contact phone in case of emergency
  2. Water and bowl
  3. Treats
  4. Blanket or bed
  5. Toys
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Travel Meals
  8. Towels
  9. Vet records in case you need to board Fido during your trip
  10. Leash and harness so he can’t jump out untethered alongside a busy highway

To crate or not to crate, that is the question! If your dog is used to being crated, this is a safe way to travel along without using safety restraints. There are many products on the market that offer protection for your pet while traveling by car. An accident could be dangerous to both dog and guardian alike as the pet would become a projectile in the car if not restrained. Never leave your pet in a car during warm months. Sadly, many pets die each year of heat exposure because their owners did not realize that inside temperatures can escalate to dangerous and fatal levels within a few short minutes. And finally, be sure to make pit stops along the way and enjoy your trip!

- Fido Friendly Magazine Editors

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