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Belly Bands - Band Aid

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Band Aid

Sometimes, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, your male dog still just can't resist lifting his leg. And even if your little one is perfectly house trained in your own home, once he's out of his element, his leg might seem to have a mind of its own - raised on your best friend's dining room chair or maybe your mom's couch.

While it might be embarrassing, it's all part of dog nature. If your baby happens to indulge in this behavior, then belly bands might be a solution straight from doggie heaven! These fabric strips wrap around your small one's waist/groin area, then attach end-to-end with Velcro for a perfectly snug fit. There might be an absorbent terry cloth center or you can even use a panty liner for better disposable protection.

Not to worry, belly bands - sometimes called wizzers - don't resemble anything like a diaper. As a matter of fact, they look more like dog fashion! Available in a variety of fabric prints and trims, these "accessories with a purpose" can either be left on during the day or placed on your little one when they arrive as a guest to a new place or home. Even if they do happen to execute that dreaded leg lift, nothing will become stained or wet except the belly band.

There's no need to keep your male cutie home out of fear of marking his territory. Keep a few belly bands on hand and you and your pooch can socialize worry-free!

-S. Athanasiou