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Beagle Dog Breed Information


There's no doubt that the Beagle has existed as a hunting dog for centuries. Used either alone or in packs, Beagles are very sturdy and have been used to hunt quail, pheasant, hares, and other small animals. They have excelled in this because of their highly honed sense of smell. Today they're still used as a hunting dog, but they've also found good work in the police departments as narcotics dogs, again, thanks to their excellent sense of smell.

Beagles make wonderful family pets. They're excellent with children, sweet, merry, and trusting. They're very intelligent and need firm training if they're to be obedient. They do have minds of their own! They love being with their family and do not like being left alone. They're very brave little dogs and are very gentle and even-tempered.

Many people know Beagles because of their distinctive "bay". It's very loud! Contrary to popular belief, however, Beagles don't bay that often. They might if they're often left alone, though, so if you plan to be gone a lot then getting two dogs or signing up for doggie day care might be a good idea.

Because Beagles are working dogs they do need exercise to stay happy. They need at least a small yard to play in and a brisk walk every day to burn off some of their energy. They have excellent stamina and do great on long hikes or runs. They must, however, stay on a leash when they're outside. Because they love to "follow their nose", they'll be off on a hunt in no time!

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 Size There are 2 classes: under 13 inches and 13-15 inches
Weight 22-25 pounds
Accepted Colors Tri-color of White, Brown and Black, but they can also be a light "Lemon" color or Tan
Grooming Very easy
Origins England
Registration AKC, FCI, UKC, CKC
Group Hound
Notes The Beagle is familiar for its loud, baying call.