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Affenpinscher Dog Breed Information


The Affenpincher has its origins in Germany and is thought to be an ancestor of the Brussels Griffon. They were originally bred for eliminating rats from barns and homes, but are now solely a companion animal.

Affenpinchers are very playful, fun-loving dogs who love being around their family, although they're not recommended for young children. They are bold, confident, and sometimes stubborn, and require consistent, firm training in order to stay in line. If left to their own devices they'll run the household! Some owners describe them as being too smart for their own good, and especially when they're younger it can be a contest of wills to train them.

Affenpinscher's make excellent watchdogs due to their fearless nature, and will defend their territory when they feel threatened. There's a reason why the French call this breed the "mustached little devil"! They can be barkers and will get very excited when a new person comes to the door. If provoked Affenpinschers may bite, which is why they're not recommended for families with younger children.

They're generally healthy, sturdy little dogs and require weekly grooming to keep their coat in good shape. They don't require a lot of exercise and can get most of it running around in your house. They love being outdoors, however, so walks or romps in the park will always be met with enthusiasm. Make sure you watch them when it's hot out, though. Like all flat-faced breeds, they can quickly overheat.

Perhaps one of the most charming traits of this little dog is its tendency to go on an energy blitz where they run in frantic circles just because they're happy and excited. What's not to like about that?

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 Size 10 - 15 inches
Weight 7 - 9 pounds
Accepted Colors Black, Dark Gray, Silver, Tan or Red
Grooming Weekly
Origins Germany
Registration AKC,FCI,UKC, CKC
Group Toy
Notes Affenpinscher means "Monkey Dog" in German.