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Adopting a Dog

Puppy in new basket on doorstep

Pet Adoption

Are you considering adding a new furry friend to your family? Perhaps this would be your first dog, or maybe you're seeking another pet to keep your current puppy company. In either case, why not consider adoption.

If there is a particular small breed you are seeking and you?re thinking, "Well, don't all animal shelters have mostly large dogs?" then visiting websites like, or will really open your eyes to the incredible variety of small dogs you can adopt in your area. The reason for this is there are many "breed specific" rescue groups that are looking to find forever-homes for an individual breed - so if you're seeking a toy poodle, for example, by visiting one of the above websites, you can type in exactly what breed you're looking for (and even the size, sex, and age you'd like!), then browse through pictures and detailed descriptions of the small poodles available for adoption near you. You'll know if they're housetrained, if they're good with other dogs, children or cats, and whether they require any special care. If you happen to become interested in a dog from a rescue organization that isn't quite as local, many groups offer to help transport a dog to you if the driving distance is too far.

The next question you might ask is, "Why should I adopt a dog when I can just go purchase one in a pet store?" Rescue groups are inundated with dogs surrendered to them by their owners for so many reasons: they don't have time for them anymore, they're moving and don't wish to take the dog along, or they've simply lost interest in their pet, just to name a few. These groups cannot take in more dogs until they find permanent home for the ones they are already trying to help. By adopting a dog, you are essentially making room for more lives to be saved - and at the same time, giving a pet a new lease on life!

Another special "plus" for adopting is the fact that the dog you choose will know that you are their hero. From this new addition you will have found a most loyal, truly grateful new companion who will always know that it is you who has taken them out of a less than perfect situation and given them a kind, loving home. After all, not only is that the one thing they want most, but also they one thing they certainly deserve.

- S. Athanasiou     save a pet