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About Coconuts and Coconut Oil for Dog Health

Benefits of Organic COCONUT OIL


Cook with it Drink it Brush your teeth with it Work it into your skin Put it work for you and your Pets It Works Inside and Out!

  • Considered the healthiest oil on earth!
  • Skin Care: no adverse effects, only positives
  • Hair Care: does it all - apply directly
  • Weight Loss: digests easily, improves everything along the way!
  • Digestion: anti-microbial properties battle indegestion.
  • Heart Disease: approx. 50% lauric acid, helps lower cholestrol levels and high BP. Beneficial, non-harmful saturated fats.
  • Immunity: strengthens system with different acids possessing antifungal, antibacterial, and antivirul properties.
  • Calcium: coconut oil enhances the absorption of calcium in the body strengthing teeth and preventing tooth decay.
  • Coconut oil is lower in fat than any other oil and converts to energy much easier.
  • Coconut oil has been shown to be highly effective in neutralizing many environmental toxins and is completely non-toxic to humans.
  • Coconut water is used as an IV solution due to its properties being so similar to human plasma and can be injected directly into the blood stream. 
  • Use in your daily diet to help protect you and your pets from a variety of toxins.

Sources for more information on coconuts and coconut oil:

Coconut Research Center Source for accurate information on health and nutritional aspects of coconut oil

Coconut Cures, by Bruce Fife, N.O., (Dr. Coconut) opens up a whole new world of healthy alternatives with coconuts.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Coconut Oil Study shows Coconut Oil protects against environmental toxins.

Coconut Oil May Prevent Tooth Decay. Has viable antimicrobial qualities for oral health care.



Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer's Remedy. Researchers say the ketones found in coconut oil have slowed the progression of Alzheimer's disease in some people and may actually prevent it.