Tiny Toys

Sale Fluff Pup Dog Squeak Toy
Fluff Pup Squeak Toy
From $ 4.29
  • $ 7.99
  • Save 46%
16 reviews
Sale Loofa Dog Squeak Toy
Loofa Dog (Assorted Colors)
From $ 3.19
  • $ 6.99
  • Save 54%
1 review
Sale small dog bear, turtle, frog and dog toys
Itty Bitty Fuzzy SET of 4
$ 19.99
  • $ 24.00
  • Save 16%
9 reviews
Bear Dog Toy - Misa Minnie
Itty Bitty Bear Toy
$ 7.79
3 reviews
Fuzzy Pup Dog Toy
Itty Bitty Pup Toy
$ 7.79
2 reviews
tiny turtle dog squeak toy
Itty Bitty Turtle Toy
$ 7.79
2 reviews
Fuzzy Frog Dog Toy
Itty Bitty Frog Toy
$ 7.79
2 reviews
small dog squeak ball toy
Li'l Pals Ball
$ 4.49
12 reviews
Sale hamburger and hotdog dog toy
Plush BBQ Toy Set (Pack of 2)
$ 6.00
  • $ 7.58
  • Save 20%
1 review
Sale Fleece Dog Toy Set
FUZY FLEECE Toy Set (2 in Pack)
$ 5.99
  • $ 7.58
  • Save 20%
3 reviews
Chihuahua with tiny dog toys

Tiny Dog Toys

Tiny mouths require tiny toys. G.W. Little knows how hard it is to find the small toy for the small dog. Our selection of toys for the tiny mouth will please your dog and your wallet.

Fluff Pups, by Susan Lanci Designs, will steal your heart and soon become your little one's best friend. Our Itty Bitty Fuzzy Wuzzy Tiny Toys measure in at only 3 ½" to 4". Your little one will snuggle up to the fuzzy ribbed fabric while the tiny squeak rewards them. Pipsqueak Toys, from Oscar Newman, are tiny and are adorable keepsake toys in a growing number of toy breeds. An all-time favorite and staple tiny dog toy for any toy box is the Li'l Pals Fleece Bone Toy, a must have for tiny mouths.