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Susan Lanci Step-In Harnesses

Chihuahua wearing Susan Lanci harness

Step-In Dog Harnesses by Susan Lanci

Choose Plain or Oodles of Decorated Versions

Susan Lanci Designs is a premium quality, high-value product line with literally thousands of options available to choose from. Susan Lanci uses genuine Ultrasuede®  to make harnesses in a Tinki style, Bailey, or a Quick Release Step-In. All are lighter and stronger than leather and weigh only about 1 ounce.Step-In harness by Susan Lanci side view

Created for small dogs, the quick release Step-In Harness is cut just right to avoid choking and allow complete freedom of movement and available in a wide variety of fun colors and styles.

Custom Orders: there are literally tens of thousands of possible combinations of colors, styles, adornments, and accessories available from Susan Lanci Designs. GW Little has the largest available inventory, but it only scratches the surface on what's available. This is why we created the "Custom Order" program in cooperation with Susan Lanci. All custom made items are specifically made for you and are non-returnable, therefore, we strongly recommend you try on any similar style from our inventory to make sure the size fits before ordering a custom item. Our Right-Size Promise program covers the shipping charges. Please call or contact us for more information.