Susan Lanci Cuddle Carriers

Sale Cuddle Dog Carrier - Burgundy with Dog
Cuddle Carriers by Susan Lanci
$ 119.99
  • $ 139.99
  • Save 14%
26 reviews
Sale Dog Cuddle Carrier - Snow Leopard
Cuddle Carrier - Snow Leopard
$ 179.99
  • $ 219.99
  • Save 18%
6 reviews
Sale Black Nouveau Bow Cuddle Carrier
Nouveau Bow Cuddle Carrier
$ 179.99
  • $ 199.99
  • Save 10%
1 review
Sale Windsor Check Dog Cuddle Carrier - Plain
Windsor Check Dog Cuddle Carrier
$ 129.99
  • $ 149.99
  • Save 13%
No reviews
Sale Chihuahua in Dog Carrier Hipster Sling
Easy Breezy Sling
$ 49.99
  • $ 55.99
  • Save 10%
14 reviews
Sale Autumn Tinkies Garden Luxury Pet Carrier by Susan Lanci
Autumn Tinkies Garden Luxury Pet Carrier
$ 2,999.99
  • $ 3,499.99
  • Save 14%
No reviews
Sale Black Classic Tinkies Garden Luxury Carrier by Susan Lanci
Black Classic Tinkies Garden Luxury Pet Carrier
$ 2,499.99
  • $ 2,999.99
  • Save 16%
No reviews
Susan Lanci Designs Cuddle Dog Carriers

Cuddle Dog Carriers and Slings

Dogs can go anywhere and everywhere in fashion with Susan Lanci Designs Carriers. Two hands-free styles to choose from including the Messenger Style Carrier or Sling.

The messenger style Luxesuede Cuddle Carrier features a wide adjustable strap for comfort, Velcro front pocket, safety strap and reinforced cushioned bottom. Inside is lined with dreamy soft curly sue blanket for ultimate softness. The Sling is worn cross-body style, making it super easy to take your dog with you on errands and trips around town. Just slip it on, tuck your dog in and you're off. Available in Luxesuede which is reversible and may be monogrammed by your favorite Tailor, or lightweight breathable mesh, which folds nicely for storage in your purse.