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Zukes Mini Naturals Dog Treats

Bite Size Small Dog Treats

Bite size treats are great for small dogs because it helps you avoid over-feeding, which can easily lead to pet obesity. The smaller the dog, the more important it is to control their intake. Treat them, but only small bits at a time.

Zuke's Mini Naturals are by far the best bite size treats available. Great for training, only 2 calories each and doesn't crumble in your pocket. Want to watch your pet go crazy, break out the Liv-a-Littles Freeze Dried Treats! Only one ingredient in this healthy treat – 100% freeze-dried chicken or beef, nothing else. We even have Mini Dental Z-Ridge Bones from Zukes, just the right size for a tiny dog's mouth. Recommended for puppies and dog's 5 lbs. and under. Three yummy flavors to choose from.