Small Dog Clothing

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iCool Dog Tank
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2 Cute Sweater
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Chihuahua in small dog winter coatDog fashion is fun, but most of all practical. Providing your dog with dog clothing keeps them warm and protected from the elements. Popular items include dog coats, dog raincoats, dog hoodies, and pet pajamas.

In the winter, harness jackets and dog sweaters are a must, along with dog boots to keep their feet dry. Dog boots also protect paws from street salt used to melt snow and hot pavements in the summer. More summer suggestions include cooling vests, lifejackets and UV protective shirts and visors. When it rains, a dog rain coat is a great way to keep them dry and "wet-dog" shake free! Add a couple of fashionable dog shirts, dresses, pajamas, hair bows and jewelry to their wardrobe and you'll have one hip small doggie!