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Pet Stairs, Ramps

Chihuahua on Pet Stairs

Pet Stairs & Ramps

Pet stairs are a necessity in any home with small dogs to help prevent injury when accessing chairs, couches, and beds to be with you. Train your pets to use steps at an early age and it will save tremendous wear and tear on their leg joints for years to come. The damage to leg muscles and joints should be taken seriously for any age dog. Training dogs to use stairs or ramps is easier when they are young, and continued use should be encouraged throughout their lifetime to prevent excessive wear and early onset arthritis.

Plush but sturdy, foam pet stairs open up a world of couches and beds to your little dog. Perfectly designed for small dogs stride, and made with sturdy foam to absorb shocks, pet stairs are available from 3-step to 5-step models to reach most furniture found in your house. An alternative to steps is ramps, either flat or scalloped, which may be easier for your dog to navigate. They also allow for faster up and down. Our Decorative Wood Steps are a stylish solution to help your pet, and you, feel at home. Each pet step has dense pile carpeting for improved traction and noise reduction.



Dog Stairs

Small dogs are delicate, and can sustain injuries by falling from even low heights. Short-legged breeds, like dachshunds and basset hounds, have an especially difficult time jumping and are prone to joint and spinal injuries. Often, Veterinarians must treat pets who jumped from the bed or couch and landed poorly, or who tried to jump higher than they were able and injured themselves. In other cases, elderly dogs may be suffering from arthritis or other joint diseases; these dogs may no longer be able to climb or jump as easily as they once did. Pets with these difficulties may benefit from dog steps to help provide access to furniture or other high places they can no longer reach.

While some people do not want their pets on the furniture, many pet owners find that pet ownership is more enjoyable if their pet is made part of the family. Allowing your dog in your bed, couch, or chair enables you to share time with your pooch while enjoying your daily activities at home. A dog can climb onto the couch with pet steps, allowing him easy access to your lap without the threat of injury.

You can even train your pet to use dog steps instead of jumping onto the furniture. With a little training, your pet can be taught that he is only allowed on the furniture when the pet stairs are available. Other times, such as when you have company, the stairs can be removed, and the dog will learn not to jump onto the furniture.

If you have a small breed dog or one with reduced mobility due to age or illness, pet stairs can make a dramatic improvement in your pet's quality of life. In addition to dogs, these stairs can be used by any small animal: rabbits, guinea pigs, even rats.

Pet steps enable your companion to climb onto your sofa or bed with ease, without danger of falling and hurting itself. Additionally, pet stairs can be used to provide access to window sills so that your pet can get a clear view of the outdoors and reduce boredom. The flexibility offered by pet steps and ramps make them a sound purchase for any dog lover.