Pet Containment

Sale Deluxe Wood Mobile Pet Pen
Deluxe Wood Mobile Pet Pen
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Sale small Easy-Clean crate
Easy-Clean Pet Crate
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Sale Portable Pet Play Pen - Gray
Gen7Pets Portable Pet Yard - Graphite Gray
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Sale Portable Pet Play Pen - Red
Gen7Pets Portable Pet Yard - Pathfinder Red
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Sale Portable Pet Play Pen
Gen7Pets Portable Pet Yard - Trailblazer Blue
$ 159.99
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Sale Outlet: Soft Side Dog Crate - Small
Outlet: Soft Side Dog Crate - Small
$ 85.00
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Sale closeup dog crate - Precision ProValu - Black
ProValu Dog Crate - Single Door
From $ 40.00
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Westie behind dog gate

Dog Containment

Sooner or later it's necessary to contain your dog, especially puppies who need crate training to become housebroken. 

GATES:  Tall or short, wood or metal, wide or narrow. We have a broad selection of pet gates and step over puppy pens to keep your dog safe and sound.

A customer favorite, the One Touch Pet Gate is simply the best tension-mount pet gate you'll find. Every attention to detail is evident, from the simple one-handed operation to open the safety handle, to the large rubber stops which protect your walls or door frames. The Freestanding Wood Pet Gate is perfect for places where wall mounted gates won't work, and the low model is easy to step over. Dogs can easily see you, but can't come through.


PLAYPENS:  New-style playpens are a huge convenience by being portable, collapsible, and lightweight.  Also called Pet Yards, plopping your dog inside one of these helps with training and is necessary when you can't pay full attention to your dog.  It keeps them out of trouble and you'll know right where they are.  Use caution, though, with some of the mesh sides if your dog has sharp nails or tries to scratch their way out of confinement.  


CRATES:  Many people feel crates are evil and mean to place a dog in. But, dogs are a natural denning animal and actually enjoy quiet time inside a crate.  Besides, when house training a new puppy a crate is your best option and highly recommended.  Soft-sided crates are perfect for travel as they are lightweight, pop up in seconds, and have plenty of mesh windows for viewing.