Household Needs

Sale Be Forever Furless Pet Hair Remover
Be Forever Furless Lilly Brush
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Sale Dog Armoire
Bon' Armoire Closet
$ 269.00
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Sale Dog Breed Luggage Tag
Breed Luggage Tag
$ 1.00
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Sale Cross Body Bags for Dog Walking
Cross Body Bags
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Sale Shih Tzu Luggage Tag
Favorite Breed Luggage Tag
$ 5.00
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Sale Little Stinker Dog Potty Pad Holder
Little Stinker Pad Holder
$ 20.00
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Sale Little Stinkers 100 pack box
Little Stinkers 100 pk
$ 47.99
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Maltese with Poochie Bells dog door alarm

Dog Accessories for Your Home

Home accessories make all the difference when you have a small dog. From hangers to dog closets, to pee-pee pads, and dog bowls, we have what you need to make your home fit and convenient for both of you.

Keep your dog's clothing organized and pristine by hanging them up. We have pastel, mahogany, satin padded and wrought iron hangers. If you're training a puppy or work all day we have Tinkle Turfs for indoor potty use. For outdoors we have plenty of poop bags to choose from as well as scoops and urine odor removal products which actually work. Cool-Air cots work very well for outdoor use in most seasons keeping your dog elevated off the hot pavement and air flowing all around them.