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Pet Strollers

Strollers are not just for babies anymore. They are the perfect mode of transportation for your small dog. Whether you are at the mall or at a dog show, you will love knowing your pet is not underfoot when out and about. Pet strollers work great for older dogs as well as smaller dogs who can't keep up on walks or for protection from larger dogs or wildlife.

Gen7Pets and PetZip dog strollers represent the best in class, and with many models to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fit, style, and color, for your small dog. All our pet strollers assemble quickly and are designed for comfort and convenience. Most collapse with one simple move and fold flat for storage or transport. The small and lightweight multi-use 3-in-1 model holds up to 25-pound dogs, all the way up to the Luxury Jogging Stroller which can hold up to 45 pounds.

While dog stroller manufacturers place weight claims saying their strollers will hold up to a certain weight limit, it's more important to review the dimensions of the stroller cabin and compare that to the size of your dog. The strollers may be rated to hold much more weight structurally than the accommodations could possibly fit based on the shape and size of your dog.


Why Use a Pet Stroller for Your Dog

When strollers for pets first started appearing the reaction from many people was laughter saying "dogs are supposed to be walking," or "how spoiled." In reality there are many reasons why a pet stroller for small dogs makes perfect sense. For instance, we usually take long walks, several miles or more, and this can be too much for small dogs, especially older dogs. So we take the stroller and when the dog tires out she's riding the rest of the way, or until she cools down and is ready to walk again.

If you're walking through a mall and see a stroller heading your way the first reaction is "oh, there must be a baby in there." But, instead it could be someone's dog. Restricting your dog to a stroller allows you to enter many places you otherwise would not go with a dog on a leash. So there's the incognito feature of using a pet stroller. Also, strollers provide protection from large aggressive dogs, as well as hawks and owls. There is a definite sense of security knowing your dog is safely contained. If you've ever been walking your little one and experienced a large aggressive dog charging toward you you'll understand how frightening it can be for both you and your dog.

Pet strollers also can assist with teaching your dog how to walk better on a leash. Once they are next to the stroller and tracking forward it provides them a frame of reference directly next to them, similar to other dogs walking in a pack, and when the stroller stops they stop. Having the presence of the stroller next them commands their attention. When they get tired, they can enjoy the comforts of the stroller for the rest of the walk.

While Gen7Pets models are new to market in 2013 the people behind the brand have many years experience with strollers for both pets and children. They have used their experience to design some of the most important features into each stroller they make and have called them Smart-Features® for a reason.