Dog I.D. Tags

Sale pewter inital dog id tag
Initial Dog Tag - Pewter
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Sale Square dog ID tags in 100% pewter
Square Pewter Dog ID Tags
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Sale Glitter Dog ID Tag
Symbol Dog ID Tags
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Sale Symbol Dog ID Tag
Heart Symbol Dog ID Tags
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Sale Hammered Bone Dog I.D. Tag
Hammered Bone Dog ID Tag
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Sale Rockin Dog ID Tags
Rockin Dog ID Tag - Pewter
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Rock Star dog ID tag .925
Rock Star Dog ID Tag .925
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Sale dog tag ID tag
Decorated Doggie tags
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Sale Pink Gimmie Love TAg
Gimme Love Dog Tag
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Sale Black Kiss My Tail Tag
Kiss My Tail Pet ID Tag
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ID Tag EZ Change Clips - (2pk)
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Alphabet dog I.D. tags

Dog ID Tags

Although small, ID Tags are a great way to ensure your small dog will be returned to you in the event they are separated from you. We offer several styles and sizes for the fashionable pet.

Sassy and fun, our selection of Cleopetra pet ID tags are true works of art. From fun polka dots to glitzy letters, these tags are eye pleasing. Rockin' Doggie dog tags are a little bit of business and a whole lot of rock n' roll. With fun shapes such as guitar picks and "dog tags", you can unleash your small dog's true inner rock star. We also offer a great selection of stunning sterling silver and 14k gold pet tags.


Choosing the Right Dog ID Tag for your Pet

Whether you are buying a tag for a new dog or replacing the tags of an already beloved pet, your choice of dog id tags is an important one. Because many Veterinarians now recommend using a microchip, some pet owners may think pet ID tags are no longer necessary, but that is not true. Dog ID tags are more important than ever. Though microchips are excellent technology, pet ID tags allow those without microchip technology to help in the return of your pet. You might consider having your phone number or address imprinted on your dog id tags. This may help secure the return of your pet without the finder bringing it to a shelter, where microchip reading technology is usually available.

Choosing the text for your pet ID tags involves some thought. Usually, the text includes your pet's name. This is helpful because it allows the rescuer to interact with your dog and calm it more easily. Usually, a phone number is also printed on the ID tag. Use a current phone number, and replace the tag immediately if the phone number changes. For extra security, give two phone numbers -- both yours and the number of a close friend or family member. Use a phone that does not block private calls, to ensure that a potential rescuer can return your pet easily. You might also consider putting your address on the tag. This does, of course, have a potential downside. You may not want every stranger who encounters your dog to be able to see your home address. Another option is to include your email address.

You may wish to consider the color of your dog's collar and leash when selecting a tag. You may not wish to select a red tag if your dog's collar is pink, or otherwise clashes. The text of the tag should contrast sharply with the tag color. If your pet is found, it is important the rescuer can read the tag easily; this is especially important if your pet is resisting contact with the rescuer. To help counteract fading of the tag's colors in the sun, be sure that the text is not just painted on -- it should be imprinted for maximum security.