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Hats, Glasses, Accessories

Sale dog scarf bark for green
Bark for Green Scarf
$ 3.00
  • $ 11.99
Sale Black Necktie on Yorkie - Road Wagz
Necktie for Dogs
$ 15.00
  • $ 27.99
Sale Dog Tuxedo Bib - Black with Red Tie
Black Tuxedo Bib for Dogs
$ 20.00
  • $ 44.99
Camo Hat for Small Dogs
Camo Hat for Small Dogs
$ 19.99
Small Dog Cowboy Hats

Dog Fashion Accessories

What they say is true, accessories do make the dog. Whether the accessory is functional or purely vanity, G.W. Little is sure to have the accouterment your small dog needs.

Doggles are a must for the active dog lifestyle, providing protection from the wind, sand, and the sun. Share the Best Friends Pewter Charm by Rockin' Doggie with your best "four-legged" friend or give a half to their best friend. Also by Rockin' Doggie, the Leather Leash Accessory Bag is made of genuine Brazilian leather, each accessory bag holds a standard roll of poop bags and features a pocket to hold your money, house key or credit card. We have your dog covered end to end.