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Sale 3-IN-1 Elite 6-Panel Pet Gate, Low
3-IN-1 Elite 6-Panel Pet Gate, Low
$ 249.99
  • $ 299.99
No reviews
Sale 6-panel convertible pet gate
3-IN-1 Elite 6-Panel Pet Gate, High
$ 279.99
  • $ 349.99
No reviews
Sale 4-panel convertible room divider
3-IN-1 Elite 4-Panel Pet Gate, Low
$ 189.99
  • $ 239.99
3 reviews
Sale Origami White pet gate
One-Touch Pet Gate II - White
$ 149.99
  • $ 179.99
1 review
Sale Take Bamboo dog gate
One-Touch Pet Gate - Take Bamboo
$ 169.99
  • $ 199.99
No reviews
Sale TALL One-Touch Pet Gate II
TALL One-Touch Gate II Autumn Matte
$ 189.99
  • $ 239.99
No reviews
Sale Foot pedal - Hands Free Pet Gate
Hands-Free Pet Gate
$ 189.99
  • $ 239.99
No reviews
Sale expandable walk-through pet gate brown
Expandable Walk-Thru Pet Gate
$ 129.99
  • $ 159.99
No reviews
Sale Picture It Here Pet Gate in home
Picture It Here Freestanding Gate
$ 139.99
  • $ 169.99
No reviews
Foot pedal - Hands Free Pet Gate
H-F Extension
$ 39.99
No reviews
puppy behind dog gate

Gates for Dogs

Tall or short, wood or metal, wide or narrow. We have a broad selection of pet gates and step over puppy pens to keep your small dog safe and sound.

A customer favorite, the One Touch Pet Gate is simply the best tension-mount pet gate you'll find. Every attention to detail is evident, from the simple one-handed operation to open the safety handle, to the large rubber stops which protect your walls or door frames. There's nothing more convenient than a step over puppy pen, like our White Metal Mini Gate which is a small and lightweight gate you can step over or open the pass-through door for your dog's convenience, and yours so you don't have to pick them up. The Freestanding Wood Pet Gate is perfect for places where wall mounted gates won't work, and the low model is easy to step over.