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Peluche Plush Dog Cuddle Cups

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Peluche Cups - Dog Cuddle Cups from the Peluche Plush Collection!

Cuddle cups are a small dog favorite when it comes to beds for sleep time.  Dogs are naturally denning animals and this style bed allows them to satisfy their instincts by burrowing inside the cup to feel safe and secure.  Some dogs will seek this type of shelter during thunderstorms or other loud noise events like July 4th festivities.

Our cuddle cups are designed for maximum comfort for your dog.  We use very high-end premium plush fabrics both inside and out, so not only do they look good but they feel amazing soft to the touch.  Use our cuddle cups on the floor or on couches or beds, where ever your dog likes to hang out.  The attractive styling can enhance your decor when used as an accent piece around your home.  

Cuddle cups have a 3-IN-1 feature allowing for more versatility than traditional dog beds.  Use as a cup style straight up and down for your dog to jump into, or use as a sleeping bag style bed where they can burrow.  Or, you may pull the interior material out turning it into a throw blanket and doubling the size.