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Dog Costumes

Chihuahua in Dracula dog costume

Dog Costumes

New small dog costumes this year include many Witch Costumes and the one we like the most are the ones with LED Lights which you can turn on and off, and they light up different colors and at varying speeds. Other new costumes include Iguana Costume, LED Lights on an Orange Witch, Pink Witch, Neon Witch, Candy Corn Witch 3-D Turtle, Dragon Ninja.

Order your costume from GW Little and you'll receive it fast. We usually ship Priority Mail, but you may choose your preferred method during checkout. Our selection of dog costumes is of the finest quality and attention paid to detail that you will find anywhere.  Every year we hear back from small dog owners who have won, or placed, in costume contests and receive tremendous compliments.

If at first you don't succeed getting your dog to tolerate a costume, don't despair, with some dogs it takes many attempts and lots of patience and the right training method for your dog.  Persistence wears resistance and in the long haul, almost all dogs will learn to wear costumes, hats, and even glasses without issue.

With over 85 costumes to choose from you're sure to find just the right match for your dog this coming Halloween.