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Urine Off dog urine cleaner

Dog Urine, Odor Cleaners

Urine clean-up is a dirty job but someone has to do it. G.W. Little offers the latest and greatest in advanced technology urine and stain removal.

Leading the urine removal industry, Urine-Off is a highly developed bio-enzymatic formula that is isolated and blended in a painstaking 7-step process. Depending on the size, age and severity of the stains and odor will determine the best treatment method. Soak the area and let it "marinate" for the best results. It is mild and safe and presents no threat to animals or people. It's safe for virtually any surface. To find those old stains check out the Mini LED Urine Finder Light. Using black-light spectrum, you will find the stains that are causing your olfactory nerves to stand up and take notice. Find and fight those foul, musty odors.

Other cleanup products include pet hair rollers, poop scoops, and dog pickup bags.