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Slings, Cuddle Carriers

Sale Dog Cuddle Carrier - Snow Leopard
Cuddle Carrier - Snow Leopard
$ 149.99
  • $ 199.99
Sale Windsor Check Dog Cuddle Carrier - Plain
Windsor Check Dog Cuddle Carrier
$ 129.99
  • $ 149.99
Boho Snuggle Sack with Yorkie
Boho Snuggle Sack
$ 128.99
Sale Blue Soft Sling Bag Dog Carrier
Outlet: Soft Sling Dog Carrier
$ 65.00
  • $ 89.99
Susan Lanci Cuddle Carrier dog slings

Pet Carry Slings

Dogs can go anywhere and everywhere in fashion with the ultimate in hands-free dog carriers, The Sling. Worn cross-body style, slings make it easier to take your dog with you on errands and trips around town. Just slip it on, tuck your dog in and you're off.

Reversible and may be monogrammed, the Luxesuede Sling has endless possibilities. One day pink, the next day fawn. Perhaps fur, faux fur, is more your style. The rich, chocolate Luxesuede Hipster Sling is lined with cozy caramel faux fur. For a lighter option, check out the Easy Breezy Sling, made of breathable mesh, this light-weight sling folds nicely for storage in your purse. Whichever sling you choose, we are sure you will be happy.