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Dog Carrier Slings by Peluche Plush

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Peluche Plush Designs is proud to introduce our new exclusive line of Dog Carrier Slings.  We use premium designer fabrics for the exterior and line them with the softest cuddle fabrics we can find to keep your small dog (and you) as comfortable as possible.  If you've never used a sling before to tote around your little one you're in for a pleasant surprise.  Using a sling to hold your dog benefits you in many ways.  It means you can have your hands free to perform tasks like shopping or chores while comforting them right at your side.  The wide pattern of our slings helps distribute the weight better than thinner straps would, plus the dual layers of plush fabric around your shoulder are heavenly to touch.

There are many factors to consider when finding the proper size dog sling to use.  First, for our slings, we suggest you measure using a soft rule from the top of your collarbone where it meets your neck and measure across your body to the opposite hip bone.  Your body shape and the position of where you would like your dog to ride are also considerations on which size.  For example, a taller person may prefer a smaller size sling to have their dog ride higher above the hip.