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Dog Blankets

We all love to cuddle up with a plush, soft blanket. Dogs are no different. Envelope them in one of our dog blankets and watch them drift off to doggie dreamland.

Susan Lanci Designs Curly Sue Blankets are the dog's woof when it comes to blankets. Available in 3 sizes and 5 colors, your small dog will love being wrapped up in the soft, curly swirls. The Shag Dog Blanket is groovy and soft, double sided for extra plushness and available in two colors. The Spaw Towel & Blanket does double time, terry side dries their coat; then flip them over for a fuzzy cuddly blanket. You'll want to borrow it yourself, but the embroidered paw patch makes it theirs!



About Dog Blankets

There is not one person out there who does not love to get warm and cozy underneath of a soft, fluffy blanket. Dogs feel the same way when it comes to cuddling up under their dog blankets. They love to feel that welcoming soft warmth, while they silently drift into their own little dreamworld full of puppy bones and fire hydrants. There are many different kinds of blankets that we can purchase for our pups and they all come with a set of pros and cons. Some of the higher end dog blankets are likely to cost a little more than some of us might want to spend, although your dog will feel that they are worth every penny. There is certainly a happy medium that can be met in order to provide your four-legged best friend with the utmost comfort while not managing to break the bank.

The perfect dog blankets for your furry friend come in the form of Susan Lanci Designs Curly Sue blankets. These are the highest quality, most reasonably priced dog blankets that money can buy and your dog will certainly know the difference. These are available in 3 different sizes and can be varied with 5 vibrant color options to choose from. Your dog will experience heavenly bliss as it is wrapped in the plush, comfy fabrics of these amazingly soft, yet durable dog blankets. For the added protection that a double-sided blanket can offer, consider getting the Shag Dog Blanket. Your dog will dream of floating upon the softest cloud while snuggling the night away in puppy dreamland. It comes in 2 distinct color options and is made to last. For the canine in need of all of the bells and whistles, the Spaw Towel and Blanket will get them nice and dry after a much-needed bath and can then be flipped over for the most cuddly and delicate of all dog blankets.

You will end up wanting to take your pup's spa blanket over for your own use, although you should be aware that there is an added paw-patch embroidered onto them that designates it as the pooch's property. Frown as though you might at this notion, your dog will be smiling from floppy ear to floppy ear as it snuggles down for a delightful nap. You can bask in the glory of having made your best friend one happy little pooch.