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Belly Bands, Incontinence

Brussels Griffon dog wearing dog sanitary pants

Dog Belly Bands and Incontinence

Sanitary pants will bring the sanity back into your life. Whether your dog is in heat, suffers from geriatric incontinence or submissive urination, we have the solution.

Sanitary pants come in many different colors and styles. For the fashion conscious dog, we offer Bloomers by Ruff Ruff Couture. Soft cotton lined with super soft flannel, elastic at legs with velcro closure make these dog panties hassle free and comfortable. Pup'ster Liners, when placed inside the sanitary pants or belly bands, protect against leakage. 


Yorkie wearing dog belly band

Belly Bands for Dogs

Do you find your table leg is a prime spot for your male dog to mark? Is your couch his personal peeing post? Belly Bands are a simple concept but very necessary when you have a male dog who lifts his leg.

We have a belly band to fit most small dogs. One of our softest, and most popular, the 3-Pack Peter Pad belly bands, by Pet Flys, is a dog marker's nemesis. Susan Lanci Designs genuine Ultrasuede Wizzer Belly Bands are soft yet durable for years of service. New Fellow Pants, are quickly becoming a customer favorite and are stretchy, making them comfortable to wear.


More about Belly Band for Dogs

Some small dogs struggle with house training or incontinence. A belly band is the perfect solution to help curb any dog urination issues within the home.

Purposes of Belly Bands:

Belly bands are able to be used for help in house training a new puppy. Stylish and cute a band belly stops a dog from urinating within the home. Some pets are harder to train than others and a belly band is a great aid in house training.

Many pets also urinate submissively. Pets that urinate submissively will do so when they are overly excited or get frightened by something. A band belly is the optimal choice for these dogs. Pet owners are able to place a belly band on their dog and know that their pet will not have an accident within the home. Some dogs are leg lifters. They will mark furniture or carpets. Belly bands will help curb leg lifting. A pet who tries to leg lift will urinate within the belly band and not on the furniture. Pets who like to mark their territory will benefit from a band belly when traveling, so as not to mark their spot at a hotel or the home of someone their owner is visiting. A band belly is able to work as an anti-breeding aid for the intact dog. Male dogs that are not neutered can be prevented from breeding by using a band belly.

Styles Available:

Belly bands come in a variety of styles and colors. Belly band are an attractive way to help a pet from urinating in the home. Belly bands are completely washable. A band belly comes in soft yet durable fabric to stand up to repeat usage. Pet owners can use a belly band with or without a liner. A variety of cute fabrics designed for the dog with a super soft inner core that is water resistant.

Belly bands are a very convenient and useful method of aiding in house training or for helping the incontinent pet from urinating in the home. Utilizing a belly band on a male dog will help curb leg lifting to mark their spot. Belly bands are the perfect tool for any pet owner trying to preserve carpets and furniture for accidents in the home.