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Sale Sniffany Box Dog Squeak Toy
Sniffany Box Plush Dog Toy
$ 12.00
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iBone Plush Dog Toy
iBone Dog Toy
$ 13.99
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Poo Emoji Dog Toy
Poo Emoji Squeak Toy
$ 8.99
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Tongue Emoji Squeak Toy
Tongue Emoji Squeak Toy
$ 8.99
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Maltese with Starbarks Dog toy

Designer Dog Toys

This has to be the most fun category for shoppers on our website, and there never seems to be an end to the cleverness and creativity of the toys being offered. The most fun toys are the parody toys, like "Starbarks, Frenchie Roast" play on the popular Starbucks brand. Or, the Chewy Vuiton line of bones and handbags. And who wouldn't get a kick out of giving your dog a bottle of Grrrona, which is a play on the popular Mexican beer Corona. And while you may be drinking the real Patron, you can now give your pup their very own Puptron toy. Of course, you can't leave out the world famous Redbull brand now available to dogs in "Red Bulldog" with squeaker.

If you take your small dog shopping they will need their very own Barks Fifth Avenue and Barkindales credit cards. And who can resist the iBone, or Dog Julio Tequila toys? Newest on the scene are the emoji toys, and while most dogs don't send text messages, they can now play with their favorite expression of filled with love (heart eyes) or panting like most dogs do (tongue out). Whichever designer dog toys suit your fancy we're certain you'll have fun choosing and sharing these as well. They make great gifts for any dog lover.