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Car Safety Harnesses

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Dog Car Harnesses

Safety is key when traveling with your dog in the car. You want them to be secure and comfortable.

Our Padded Car Vest Harness secures your dog with comfort, made with durable nylon and fully lined with soft faux fur so their ride in the car is enjoyable and safe. The Air Mesh Car Vest Harness for dogs, made with durable nylon mesh, makes it the perfect choice for your dog in warm weather car rides. The Seatbelt Safety Harness, the safest way to secure your pet while traveling, features a built-in universal metal buckle that clips directly into your seat belt receptacle. Each of these harnesses can be used on their own with the use of your seatbelt or in conjunction with one of our Lookout Car Seats.



Dog Car Safety: You and Your Best Friend are Worth Protecting.

Dog car safety is something that few owners consider, yet the consequences of not restraining a pet can be lethal. Many of the injuries sustained that result in debilitation or life-threatening trauma can be prevented. Dogs that are harnessed or restrained in a car seat are much less likely to be hurt in the event of an accident.

Below is a list of some commonly seen injuries to dogs that survive a car accident:

  • Minor cuts and abrasions may require little to no treatment, depending on the location. Some may need to be attended to by a Veterinarian, either to be sutured or to prevent infection.
  • Damage to the internal organs is an invisible condition that requires professional care. The spleen, stomach, liver, and blood vessels are all vulnerable spots.
  • Fractured bones are always a consideration. Breeds that have long backs, such as Dachshunds, are at an increased risk for back problems. This can range from a herniated vertebral disk to a complete fracture of the backbone.
  • Shock, although not technically an injury is always a medical emergency. The dog suffers a potentially fatal decrease in the body’s blood volume.

A dog loose in a vehicle can also contribute to the cause of an accident. While certainly a consideration, the risk of the driver taking their eyes off the road is only one concern. Another factor is the pet interfering with the operation of the vehicle. Small dogs and cats are able to wedge themselves under the driver’s legs. Larger dogs can move into the driver’s field of vision, obstructing their view.

Unfortunately, car accidents are bound to happen. The most important factor in minimizing serious injury is to pay attention to dog car safety. Modern society recognizes this need for children by implementing stringent laws, but somehow pets have been left out.

Preventative measures involve implementing sound dog car safety rules. Dogs should be protected whenever riding inside of a vehicle. Car Harnesses are an ideal solution for securing furry passengers. These usually feature a padded vest to prevent it from rubbing on the skin.

Car harnesses position the d-ring low on the back and should be tethered to your car's seat belt. In the event of an accident, the force of the restraint is distributed evenly across the body. This type of harness also works well when used in combination with a specially designed car seat. Regardless of the style, it is an essential piece of safety equipment for those who love to take their dog along for the ride.


How to Use a Car Vest Harness