Big Dog Containment

large dog behind Richell One-Touch pet gate

Big Dog Pet Gates and Crates for Containment

Gates and crates for pets are a necessity, even for the most well behaved dogs. There almost always comes a time when you'll need to isolate pets, whether for a party, or house cleaning, or introducing new pets. At GW Little, we strive to find the best quality and value while always considering pet safety. All gates from Richell are among our favorite. The quality construction and engineering shine through on every product. 

Whatever you choose, please keep in mind that gates and crates are like shipping furniture and are charged based on cubic volume, not weight. Shipping can be quite expensive these days due to the high cost of gas. Return shipping can cost considerably more than our discounted rates shipping the item to you, so please be certain of your choice and if you would like any assistance, please feel free to contact us toll-free or drop us an email anytime.