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Big Dog Clothing

Large dog wearing raincoat

Big Dog Jackets and Clothing

Okay, let's be honest. Not everyone thinks dogs should wear clothing. Fewer think big dogs look good in fashion clothing. We tend to agree that smaller dogs can wear most fashion better than their larger mates. However, when it comes to being functional adorning clothing for any size dog makes sense when the weather turns foul.

At GW Little we have found some of the best functional clothing to help you and your larger 4-legged family members get through the tough seasons. The best of the best is hands down Hurtta. Designed in Finland and sold in Europe for years they have figured it out. From proper sizing to ease-of-use, to quality layered construction to keep dogs dry yet let their skin breathe using a Houndtex shell. They are probably more than most first-time buyers want to spend, but in time, you'll appreciate the value and longevity of their dog gear.