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Why Wool Inside Dog Beds?


We chose Eco Wool batting as the fill for our Cuddle Cloud™ line for its many features you just won’t find in other dog bed fillings.  Entirely derived from small environmentally responsible farmers in Oregon and free from any chemicals, its off-white in color, gently processed, extra combed for fluffiness, and is pH balanced. The Eco Wool found in our beds will provide your loved ones with a sleeping environment you can be proud of.Chihuahua with Eco-Wool

A Naturally Calming Dog Bed

The benefits of a bed with Eco Wool batting are numerous.  Wool is naturally calming, and judging the behavior of dogs during our photo shoots we strongly agree!  The textured fibers hold nicely with each other forming a resilient matrix which doesn’t collapse like other synthetic or feather fills, and provides a cradling sensation to help calm pets. 

Allergy-Free, No Dust Mites

Wool is a natural thermo-regulator which will balance body temperatures in winter or summer.  The ability of wool to draw in air through its fibers like a convection helps to get rid of heat and moisture.  The natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties fight off dust mites, mold, germs, and bacteria meaning a safer and allergy-free place for your dog to sleep.  In fact, some people have taken their pets off allergy medicine by switching to wool beds. 

Eco Wool is Free From Chemicals

You also won’t find any harmful toxins in this Eco Wool.  In fact, it’s naturally fire resistant due to its protective coating and passes flame testing without adding chemicals.  The natural properties of Eco Wool mean it is completely biodegradable and may even be composted.

Benefits of Wool-Filled Dog Beds:

  • Naturally calming for pets (and people)
  • Wool fiber matrix maintains loft with cradling sensation
  • Natural thermo-regulator balances body temperature in warm or cold
  • Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial repels dust mites for allergy-free sleep zone
  • Highest anti-flame resistant natural fiber known to man
  • Eco-friendly and is biodegradable, compostable.
  • Free from chemicals and harmful toxins

When you combine all the benefits of wool filling, then add an exclusive GW Little Cuddle Cloud™ zippered cover, you have an unbeatable dog bed providing the ultimate comfort zone.  Dogs are naturally attracted to the scent of the wool and we'll provide the perfect loft so your dog will dig in and make a comfortable nest.  So comfortable, in fact, that you may be disappointed when they choose these beds over sleeping with you!  Don't say we didn't warn you.Chihuahua on Peluche Plush Cocoa Dog Bed

Wool and Water

What wool doesn't like is to get wet.  It will pill, shrink, and become unmanageable.  For this reason, we caution you to not throw the inserts into the washer.  Remove the cover and wash the cover only according to the directions.  The inserts also have zippers providing access to the wool.  In fact, on a sunny day, it would be advantageous to pull the wool out and let it rejuvenate in the sun. 

If you're concerned about your dog (or puppies) wetting on your wool bed we have waterproof liners for use underneath the cover or use disposable pee pads as a precaution.  Our waterproof liners are machine washable and will protect the core of the wool insert.  Small accidents on the sides may be spot cleaned.   

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