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Safe, Warm & Cozy Christmas Gifts For Canines

The holidays are right around the corner, and sometimes we struggle with what gifts we should get for various members of our family, especially our canine companions. We can always get our dogs stocking stuffers in the form of treats and toys, but what about a much better gift? Something warm, comfortable and cozy they can use during the winter season and beyond.

Holiday Dog


We want to keep them warm when traveling during the holiday season, but often we overlook protecting them inside of our vehicles. As our population continues to swell, there’s a lot more traffic on the road, putting them at an increased risk of potential dangers on our highways and byways. Not to mention, more states, counties and other government agencies are passing laws requiring our pets to be protected when riding with us.


CANINE CAR SEATS: Fortunately, we recently covered this topic detailing exactly how to use the different vehicular restraints that are specifically designed for pets. Instead of simply strapping them in with a leash or harness, just like our two-legged children, there is a variety of different booster and car seats available. They’re designed for style and comfort while keeping our canines safe and sound inside our automobiles.


BETTER THAN A POOCH PURSE: It started as a fad with celebrities, carting around their tiny purebred puts in oversized purses. But there’s a much better way to tote our dogs closer to our person rather than stuffed inside an uncomfortable handbag. Dog carrier slings designed by Peluche Plush come in a variety of soft, cuddly fabrics. Colors go from a mild soft fawn to a wild leopard snuggle swing. This off-the-shoulder design keeps our hands free while our pet is safely cradled comfortably nearby.


A NEW OUTFIT: Speaking of designers and celebrities, how about a new outfit for your pooch to strut their stylish stuff around the dog park? They’ll be the envy of all the other mutts out on the prowl when you can choose from different doggie wardrobe wearables like a:

  • Stretch pullover
  • Stylish hoodie
  • Fleece coat
  • Designer Sweater
  • Fashionable bomber vest

Chihuahua in Small Dog Cuddle Cup Bed


BEDDING SALE: Around this time of year, we often see “mattress price wars” when it comes to human bedding going on sale or clearance. We’ve also got discounts galore on our Peluche Plush custom dog beds (aka Cuddle Clouds and Cups) that cradle your canine in comfort. The plush fabric allows for warmth in the winter and breathability during summer months.



If your four-legged friend is already completely comfortable in the bedding department, what about a new blanket? More selections from Peluche Plush offers a wide range of choices that include smaller carrier blankets all the way up to large throws that you can share some comfy couch space and cuddle time with your best friend. 

So don’t just “give the dog a bone” this holiday season when you can gift them with something longer lasting and more lovable than an old scrap. Get them a new, thoughtful present that they’ll love for a long time to come. So, Happy Holidays to all and to all a Good Night (and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year).

 - Jenn Johnson

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