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Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-11-14 15:50:54
Great Quality!
Posted By: Jerri
Location: Monroe, NC United States
Perfect for my dachshunds! Quality is incredible.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-01-28 11:08:57
Perfect for Small dogs!!
Posted By: Laura
Location: Fort Bragg, NC United States
My little dog Tinkerbell had her Knee surgery when she was two (five now) and I didn't like her jumping up on our bed due to her other knee can develop the same issue. She now has no trouble getting on or getting off our bed! If you have a small dog this is for you!!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-01-02 11:58:34
great steps!
Posted By: Lynda Brown
Location: Dallas, TX United States
My bed is 26" from the floor and it was difficut for the girls to my bed. With the 6 steps it was easy for them to access my bed both climing and desending my bed. My girls are little under 10 pounds and one of them has a hip problem, I looked for a year for something that was easy for them to climb and I found it. I would recommend the 6 steps for anyone with a xsm or small dog.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-10-02 13:26:07
Happy's Mom
Posted By: Suzanne
Location: Phoenix, AZ United States
My 5 lb Yorkshire Happy now has the 6 step version. It allows him to come up onto my bed. Going down is more an act of faith and he has not mastered that - however, he can go down and it gives him an alternative if stuck up on my high bed. It is lightweight and easy to care for and can be moved from room to room. I am happy with the product.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-09-26 13:13:59
Great Steps
Posted By: Laura D
Location: Raleigh, NC United States
My little guy could go up his old steps, but the gap between the top step and the bed left him afraid to go down. These steps have given him new freedom and really helped the quality of his life. He no longer gets stuck on the bed.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-07-01 09:47:51
6 Step Pet Stairz
Posted By: Kathy Gladfelter
Location: Arcadia, FL United States
I bought the 6 Step Pet Stairz for my little Yorkie. Took only a week and half to teach her how to go up and down on these wonderful stairz. "She LOVES them!!!" She used to wait for me on the floor when I am getting ready for work...NOW...she is all stretched out on my bed in the morning like: "Bye Mom, see ya in a few hours." Too funny. "GREAT PRODUCT, would recommend these to anyone with a pet that needs that little extra leg up onto their favorite spot." ;o)
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-04-01 21:08:50
Stairs and a belly massage!
Posted By: Erica Crossen
Location: Canton, MA United States
My Morkie LOVES the stairs that lead to me bed. She had already learned to use the 3-step foam stairs in the living room to get to the couch, but when she was old enough to understand the concept of "height" and I knew she wouldn't just fly off my bed, I bought the 6-step stairs. She really loves them, they are sturdy and easy for her to run up and down. But the best part is that some mornings, she slides down slowly on her belly to get that first morning belly rub!! :) So adorable
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