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418817 - Pink Leopard & Curly Sue Cuddle Cup Bed

Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2016-02-11 18:49:19
Posted By: Michelle
Location: Seattle, WA United States
The cuddle cup bed arrived in perfect condition. I have a small Toy Poodle and she loves it! It's very soft and super high - quality!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2016-01-16 19:13:42
Leopard Curly Sue Bed
Posted By: jaimee walters
Location: Deerfield, NH United States
So cute, so soft. My Chihuahau Philomena loves it. So luxurious, certainly nicer than anything you can find at local retail pet stores.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-01-14 12:22:20
Cuddle bags
Posted By: Janne
Location: Castro Valley, CA United States
My Yorkies loved their cuddle cozy sleeping bags. They are very well made , a little expensive but glad we purchased them.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-12-17 14:12:55
Posted By: lee d mclauchlan
Location: Grand Cayman, FL Cayman Islands
Puppy loves- so soft- however cannot climb in as fabric so heavy cannot snuggle in properly. would be good to have something in the top to hold it open ever so slightly. otherwise we love
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-09-21 21:04:57
house mom
Posted By: Dawn
Location: Baltimore, MD United States
adorable, heavy keeps my dog warm
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-05-16 19:36:35
Great cozy blanket
Posted By: Lenda
Location: Round Rock, TX United States
My little girl just loves it. As soon as I received it I put it in her bed and she just made herself comfort able right away. I love the color and softness.....Great product, thank you!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-02-15 19:57:19
Chihuahua mom
Posted By: Judy G and Miss Mouse
Location: Lebanon jct, KY United States
It's perfect! My little girl is tiny and it's great for her, Lots of room to move about. Quality is beyond words. Color is perfect. I will be ordering the blanket as soon as I can. Well worth the money spent.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-02-03 16:15:26
curly sue & leopard too cuddle cup bed
Posted By: Mary Graves
Location: Stuart, FL United States
It's beautiful - and my little dog loves it!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-01-19 11:32:21
Fun pouch for my princess!
Posted By: Augustbaby
Location: New York, NY United States
My puppy looks adorable in it! She does enjoy the faux fur, especially the inside fur. It's very soft. She likes to lounge around or nap on top of it while I watch TV. It's not as practical for her to be able to crawl into it on her own. Perhaps the opening should be bigger.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-11-29 23:46:11
Perfect For My Baby!
Posted By: Jesslan
Location: NY United States
I bought this for my rescue chihuahua. She was born in a puppymill in Texas so she was used to hot weather. Due to her sparse fur and little 3 lb body, plus now being a NY'r she freezes when it's below 75F. The past several winters have been mostly 20F-30F days. Needless to say she burrows down in this every day of the year except for the hottest. She and I have both loved it through the years!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-11-19 11:44:08
Love the Cuddle Cup!
Posted By: Cheryl Crabtree
Location: Staples, TX United States
My 2 1/2 lb Yorkie gets very cold and she now loves to snuggle up in her new warm bed! The shipping was prompt and it arrived in perfect condition. I waited for a special promotion and got free shipping :)
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-01-05 13:50:29
Cute Cute Cute!!!
Posted By: Jennifer Abersold
Location: Yanceyville, NC United States
Our little senior Dachshund Sassie loves her cuddle cup. I only have 2 issues with it.. 1) wish the pink cheetah had come in the larger size and 2) after doing more research I have found they are overpriced for what they are :( That said they ARE very cute and my dog does love it but it is a little snug fit to her to get in and turn around she is about 9 1/2 lbs.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-06-02 13:26:07
My little princess loves cuddle cups!
Posted By: Courtney
Location: Pittsburgh, PA United States
I have a 5lb female chihuahua who absolutely loves her cuddle cup! She burrows deep inside it and we don't see her for hours! The cuddle cup is soft and very warm for her.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-02-13 21:21:44
Dogie beds
Posted By: Teri pappalardo
Location: Secaucus, NJ United States
I loved all three beds I purchased for my dog, the pink leopard &curly sue cuddle cup bed, the snoozy donut bed & the snoozy hooded bed. My Dolce sleeps in all three in different parts of the house. She loves them and they are so comfortable!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-02-13 21:11:12
Dog beds
Posted By: Teri pappalardo
Location: Secaucus, NJ United States
I loved all three things I purchased for my dog!!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-01-14 11:13:10
Cozy nest
Posted By: Cathrine
Location: pensacola, FL United States
Our Yorkie loves to cuddle and snuggle up in her new cuddle cup...it has replaced her favorite blanket as her new "go to" nest! I love it - so cute and great for warming up my toes at night!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-12-27 09:25:26
So Sweet and Comfy
Posted By: Heather Riggs
Location: Wagoner, OK United States
My toy Schnauzer is not tiny (11 lbs) so she doesnt get in and 'nestle' like a toycup would, but she uses it as a sleeping bag when we put her in it or she lays on top of it. Super soft and super cute, this is a must for you sweet little angel.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-09-21 14:07:52
Posted By: Sheila Bowman
Location: Shreveport, AL United States
I sent your customer service a picture of my Yorkie in her Cuddle Cup napping!! Chloe loves it! Thanks for making a wonderful product! Sheila Bowman
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-09-12 16:05:07
My Yorkie LOVES her Cuddle Cup
Posted By: Rhea
Location: Iowa City, IA United States
This is by far the best bed I have ever purchased for my Yorkie, Chanel. She loves to burrow down into it. It's also the perfect size for a 5 lb. dog. So happy I bought this Cuddle Cup. :)
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-12-02 11:50:29
We are in love!
Posted By: Kim
Location: Queens, NY United States
Ariel and I are loving her new Cuddle cup! It is sooo soft and luxurious. She just sat on it at first, so I buried a few of her toys in there, so she can get the hang of burrowing the way she does under my blanket. Its now her favorite place to be. This was suppose to be one of her x-mas presents. Guess I will be shopping for something else.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-10-26 10:58:31
Lucy Loves her Cuddle Cup
Posted By: Lori Nagem
Location: Wheeling, WV United States
Lucy received her cuddle cup and loves it! She sleeps with it everynight. The Quality is excellent. I like that you can wash it and still is as nice.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-09-09 22:47:22
Love my new cuddle bag!
Posted By: Nancy Marie Lucky
Location: Antioch, CA United States
I just received this today for my birthday present as we are getting a new baby chihuahua who was born on Aug. 30th. However her big sister (they are from the same parents) I think has already claimed it. She loves it so I guess I am going to have to buy another one. They are wonderful, soft and cozy. Wish I had one. GW has the best quality items for our doggie babies.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-08-13 00:40:43
Susie Pearl Loves her Cuddle Cup!
Posted By: Dianne
Location: College Station, TX United States
One of our 2 miniature Dachshunds has a genetically compromised immune system which has caused many health issues. Susie Pearl even had to fight Demodex mites as a puppy. That resulted in her once dense coat being baby fine and a lil thin in places. As a result her normal Doxie instinct to borrow and her special needs with getting cold so easy are completely taken care of with a cuddle cup....its portable, soft and snuggly, and the best $ I have spent in a long time. It's such a hit here my two girls have been fighting over it since I pulled it out of the box. We have now ordered another for Stormy. Awesome product.
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