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202020 - Pleather Console Lookout

Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2016-02-01 15:45:01
Great little seat
Posted By: Richard Staley
Location: Los osos, CA United States
A perfect seat that's fits very well on the console of my Ford F-150. Fairly easy to put in and keeps my little yorkie safe with the harness belt. Good solid lookout. Purchased the Large for SUV size.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2016-01-03 18:03:38
Console Lookout Carseat
Posted By: Vivian Hancock
Location: Vicksburg, MS United States
LOVE IT! This carseat is perfect for my teacup yorkie! Lucy loves it, she can see out and has plenty of room to nap! I love it because she's no longer roaming all over the car, she's safely seated right next to me! Thanks!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-12-28 10:09:56
Car seat
Posted By: Janice graham
Location: Windham, ME United States
Arrived earlier than thought, thank you so much. The item is wonderful, soft, cuddly and fits nicely in my SUV
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-12-19 20:59:04
Great Car Carrier
Posted By: Karen
Location: San Jose, CA United States
Love this carrier! It fits between the front seats in the car and is super soft for my puppy. Allows her to sit up and see out, while being near you. Also bought the harness, so she wouldn't continually try to crawl out.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-10-20 11:34:12
Booster seat
Posted By: Karon
Location: Northfield, NH United States
OMG! My Yorkie is almost 7 yrs. old and almost always rides on my lap, which I know is not safe. But, she's so clingy, I've allowed it. Driving from NH to Florida twice now, decided to give this a try. She LOVES it! I leave it in the car, so no matter where we go, she's placed in the booster seat and tethered for the ride. Thank you so much!!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-08-31 12:48:43
Posted By: Karen
Location: Cheaterfield, MI United States
Love, love, love it. When our Pom sits in she is high enough to see out all the windows.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-06-24 10:55:47
Pleather Console Lookout
Posted By: eosemaey
Location: melbourne, FL United States
My little dog rides in the car safely now.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-03-04 16:53:35
Posted By: Laura
Location: Foley, AL United States
My little sweetie loves this. It makes her feel more secure and sits her up so she can check out her surroundings. Love it!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-10-14 23:21:43
Warm & perfect fit
Posted By: Jean Caswell
Location: Anchorage, AK United States
Our pet dog jumped into the carrier without coaching him. Now he is able to see the view from the front.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-10-02 10:53:31
Great item!
Posted By: Chelci Beaird
Location: COLORADO CITY, TX United States
My yorkie loves this seat!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-09-17 16:26:33
Posted By: Darlene
Location: Houma, LA United States
Love this car seat for my teacup poodle! She is 2 lbs and she fits perfectly in the seat with extra room to turn around if needed. This product is well worth the money, she enjoys riding in it. the only flaw is the back of the seat is too far back. other than that....this is a great car seat!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-08-28 12:50:06
Pleather Console Seat
Posted By: Glenda
Location: Brunswick, GA United States
Ordered second seat as our Chihuahua loves his first seat. We have the smaller on in the car and the larger one in the truck which pulls our 5th wheel. It is easy to put in and take out. We ordered a second one as we use both vehicles frequently. When the second one arrived, we left it on the floor was several days before putting it in the truck. Our Chi would get in it and bark....he was ready to go so we would take him for a ride. Had to go ahead and get it in the truck because he was always ready for a ride, LOL!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-08-07 10:59:26
Pleather Console Lookout
Posted By: Glenda
Location: Brunswick, GA United States
Great seat for our 4 lb Chihuahua. Have small one for car and like it so much, have ordered to large SUV for our truck that pulls the 5th wheel camper to give him more room for longer trips. Our little Chi loves his seat and we are happy he is right beside us!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-07-16 21:17:20
Wonderful product
Posted By: Eva Miller
Location: Charlotte, NC United States
Juliet, our small Yorkie, loves sitting next to us in the car. Though she is not big enough to see over yet, it is a great place for her to feel secure enough to sleep. We take her everywhere with us so as an owner I too feel secure that she will be well protected. It is one of our best buys for our new puppy.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-07-01 06:22:34
Car seat
Posted By: Diane
Location: Shirley, NY United States
My dog loves it. It's a little small, but my dog is 4.5 pounds so it fits her perfect.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-05-30 11:00:37
Car seat
Posted By: Rebecca Scott
Location: Jacksonville, AR United States
Our little Bella loves her new car seat, she can see everything that's going in now.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-03-28 16:26:40
Posted By: Nancy Morton
Location: Augusta, GA United States
This has been a life saver for our Baby, it's just the cutest thing. She sits in it like she was princess of the world, thank you so much. We received the package with no problems and I will definitely be ordering other items from you.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-02-11 10:17:59
excellent center console seat
Posted By: Bryan Ramsey
Location: Mint Hill, NC United States
I bought this item on a chance as I had never heard of G.W. Little and I was pleasantly surprised with the item I received. My puppy loves this seat. She really enjoys the wool lining and I love the fact she is right beside me in the truck. This is a great item as it will make our traveling so much easier having her ride up front with us. G.W. Little is great and I have told everyone about the console seat. I highly recommend this item for trucks/SUV's!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-01-22 12:47:10
Posted By: Debra Keighley
Location: Chatsworth, CA United States
I have a Ford Edge (a crossover vehicle) and should have gotten the SUV size, but the auto one fits - albeit quite tight. Out Tish LOVES it! She's a 6.8 lb Chihuahua-Dachshund mix and while it's a tight fit for her, she LOVES riding high and being able to see!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-01-11 02:33:34
pink carrier
Posted By: Suzie Vestal
Location: Rye, TX United States
Love it! My dog sits and lays in it great. The soft material is ideal for when she lays for a nap. Fits snug in my truck as I wanted.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-12-05 10:46:12
Better than I expected
Posted By: Nikki
Location: Port Ludlow, WA United States
I got the large SUV size and it fits well in my explorer and my chihuahua (6lbs) loves it as doesn't even try an jump out to sit on my lap....only draw back is that it's just a little too small for 2 doggies
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-09-05 13:15:30
Dog owner
Posted By: Linda Wooten
Location: DeSoto, TX United States
My tiny toy poodle Princess Poly really feels like royalty now that she has her new car lookout seat! It fits great in the car and we go lots of places together.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-09-04 15:50:26
Booster Seat
Posted By: Connie Gavin
Location: League City, TX United States
Me and my little "Pumpkin" love this seat! I love that she is close to me and can also be buckled in. She gets lots of attention at drive through windows!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-06-13 11:25:54
Love this!
Posted By: Kim Hussong
Location: Evansville, WI United States
My little teacup loves this console seat. I tried other seats and they were just too big for her. This one is perfect. She looks out the front window as we drive and then when she gets tired she snuggles down and sleeps in it. Easy to install too.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-05-31 20:59:09
car seat
Posted By: kim martin
Location: halifax, PA United States
Excellent product. Fits my puppy perfectly, snuggles him, and makes him safe when riding in the car.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-05-07 16:02:28
Loves it!
Posted By: Joni Alexander
Location: Victorville, CA United States
In this huge world that she lives in, my little Doobles loves her car carrier seat!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-03-20 11:10:01
Posted By: matt hertel
Location: jeannette, PA United States
My Pomchi loves his new ride. He can finally feel safe and see out the windows!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-03-18 10:21:01
Love it
Posted By: Eileen
Location: FL United States
I just purchased this car seat for my Silkypoo, who is now 5 months. It fits him perfectly and he enjoys sitting in it and watching all that goes on outside. It gives me peace of mind knowing he is safe and happy while driving with us in the car. He is loving it! I have an Infiniti G37 and the seat fits perfect.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-03-03 16:25:21
Posted By: Lala Lamb
Location: Lusk, WY United States
This bed is the greatest thing I could of ever bought. My 2 toy Poodles love it. It keeps them from climbing all over the car.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-12-21 12:06:51
Posted By: Carrie
Location: Killeen , TX United States
My little princess absolutely loves her new carseat! She sits up there like she owns the world! I feel safer with her strapped in!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-10-18 10:22:00
Car seat for SUV
Posted By: Mary Lou area
Location: Denver, CO United States
I have 7 lb. toy poodle, she only wants to sit on us, bought a regular car seat and she absolutely would not stay in it!! We are going on a road trip and I was worried about her safety. I ordered the center divider SUV car seat and as my husband was putting it in, she hopped right in, took her for a ride and after 5 minutes she hopped in and went to sleep, the answer is she is close to both of us and safe at the same time. We are all happy with this seat....thank you GW Little!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-10-12 10:03:33
Perfect car seat / booster for small dogs!
Posted By: Nichole
Location: Austin, TX United States
The seat has been a god-send for my dog, Doodle. She gets car sick in the backseat and when both my husband and I are in the car together, we used to have to hold her. That was unsafe for her and us. We got this car seat and it's perfect! She is near us and can see out the window. She's much calmer and she's perfectly safe. I recommend this product for any small dog! The only reason I have it 4 stars is that it's a little hard to attach to my console and since I don't leave it in, I have to re-attach every time I use it.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-08-29 11:51:27
Dog Car Seat
Posted By: Vicki
Location: Nashville, NC United States
I love the car seat. It's perfect for Yorkies. I leave it in the car all the time since it does not take away passenger seats. My dog loves to ride and he jumps into his seat all by himself.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-07-07 19:53:54
happy puppy
Posted By: sherry tilley
Location: dunkirk, NY United States
We are very pleased with the seat for the console. It mounts nicely and doesn't move. The pupply loves it.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-06-18 00:49:14
Love It!
Posted By: Linda DeBenedittis
Location: Falcon, AL United States
Both of my small Chi's fit in this; the biggest decision now is who gets to ride in this one and who rides in the seat one!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-03-14 13:51:28
A MUST for car riding doggies!
Posted By: Elizabeth
Location: Atlanta, GA United States
My little Shih Tzu adores her traveling console, so much she has turned it in to her bed. It is high enough for her to see out the car window and low enough for her to sit so I feel safe. I don't use it on the console, but sit and strap her in the passenger seat. This is the BEST seat out there. I was so pleased with the material they used for the seat, a soft sherpa feel on the inside with hot pink pleather on the outside. Perfect for my lil' Princess.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-03-09 11:28:19
Baby's new chariot!
Posted By: Sherry Nelson
Location: Galloway, BC Canada
The small console seat I purchased for my Chihuahua was one of the best investment I have made for her. She sits so proudly in her new seat and can see everything when we are in the car. Makes for a much more enjoyable and peacful ride for my little buddy for sure! Thank you GW Little!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-02-18 20:44:50
Car Seat!
Posted By: Joslyn
Location: Bronx, NY United States
I love the this care seat. As soon as I opened the box and took it out my Minx crawled inside and fell asleep. So this car seat is puppy and mommy approved!! It's great that he can go everywhere with me now.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-01-02 12:12:15
Console Carseat
Posted By: Sheena
Location: Chicago, IL United States
This carseat is fabulous! I have two small dogs, a 4 yr-old maltipoo and an almost 2 yr-old yorkipoo. The maltipoo can sit in any seat in the car and relax, but the yorkipoo always wanted to be in my seat which I wasn't comfortable with when I was driving. This car seat allows her to feel close to me, sits her high enough so she can see out all the windows, and the safety harness gives me peace of mind knowing she's sitting safely in the car. We LOVE it amd couldn't be happier!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-12-23 13:34:04
Posted By: Patty Treadway
Location: WILLARD, MO United States
I bought this in pink for my Bella Rose. She ia a 3 pound white chihuahua, she LOVES this seat! She can be close to me and see out at all the other cars. She looks like a little Princess and I am assured she is safe next to me.I would recommend this seat to anyone!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-12-01 10:59:48
Pet Console Car Seat
Posted By: Lila Turner
Location: Waco, TX United States
I received my console car seat in perfect condition. Delivery was very fast. I have a G-35 Infiniti and the seat fits great. I bought it for a long trip my husband and I were going to take so the dog would have a place to sit. When I am alone and driving, the seat is great. However, it does not work well when my husband drives. It is a tight fit when we are all in the car. The husband has to keep his right arm very close to his side, which is uncomfortable. Overall, the seat fits great where it is supposed to.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-10-30 11:53:11
Console lookout
Posted By: Janice
Location: Dickson, TN United States
Our console lookout arrived earlier than the expected date. As soon as we got it out of the box our 8 year old mini Dash just knew it was for her. She jumped in it and looked at us like she was saying thank you. She didn't like it when I put it in the truck, but once she figured out what it was for, she was happy. Riding with a Dash can be chaotic but not anymore! She likes to see where she is going now. I got the large one because she is so long and works great. Now she is truly a pampered pet!! Thanks!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-10-30 03:22:18
Posted By: Terri Barrett
Location: Paducah, KY United States
I got this for my little Chihuahua, Teaka. She's a tiny little girl and I was unsure at first if she would ride in this as she's still a puppy. Let me tell you, Teaka LOVES IT!!!! She can see out while I'm driving and I don't have to worry about her getting into anything. She doesn't miss anything, which makes her VERY happy! It's just the cutest car seat and very easy to install! It's also VERY secure! Now it's on the small side, my puppy is 3 1/2 lbs. and if she gets much bigger I may have to get a bigger one but for now shes just fine. I would recommend this to anyone with a little dog who loves to ride in style!!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-08-05 17:39:28
Thank You from Down Under
Posted By: M. Grahame
Location: New South Wales, AL Australia
Thank you for sending me the little dog car seat it has turned out great, my little Fluke likes it very much, sits up like a little prince when we go out in the car looking at every thing. It turned up in great shape, thank you again.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-08-02 19:24:26
Lookout it works!!
Posted By: Bunny Giordano
Location: Leesburg, VA United States
Easy assembly and works like a charm. Angel is right next to me in the car and can see everything. She loves it. Makes car rides so much easier.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-07-18 14:33:08
linda & Gigi
Posted By: linda haggard
Location: oroville, CA United States
This console seat was perfect for Gigi. It was just the right size and she could still see everything around her. She felt comfortable enough to nap in it. It is also easy to set up in your car, hassel free. Gigi weighs 6 pounds and the size was just right. It was a good investment. Thank you very much.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-06-12 13:40:58
Pet Console
Posted By: Rafael Duran
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States
I have to be honest & say that I'm not qualified to review this product. Now the one who is, Manina, my pet, just loves it. She gets in it and surveys all the scenery with imperial gaze. It would be safe to say: SHE LOVES IT!!! Good Show you guys keep up the quality & unique designs. Rafael Duran
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-06-03 13:14:20
Love it!
Posted By: Trari Ditson
Location: West Bend, WI United States
My little Morkie (maltese & yorkie) absolutely loves sitting in her new console seat! She feels safe and secure and so do we.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-04-29 20:08:58
Sofie Loves Her Car Seat
Posted By: Karen Zinkosky
Location: Alta Loma, CA United States
Sofie loves her car seat. She wanted to sit in my lap whenever we went anywhere, but now she's perfectly content to sit in her own seat. Of course she can still touch me, so that makes the ride all the more fun. I love the car seat more than she does, because, she was in my lap before. Now we can both enjoy our little trips around town, and to Grandma's house.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-04-01 21:15:42
Must have for small dogs
Posted By: Erica Crossen
Location: Canton, MA United States
We used to travel with our Morkie in the "Sturdibag - Cube" carrier, however she would bark for at least 10 minutes every time I got in the car. When I removed this lookout console from the box when it arrived, she literally jumped in it when it was on the floor - it fits her perfectly! After installing it easily and safely in the car - she loved it. And no more barking!! She can look around at all the action or comfortably take a little nap. Great product.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-03-14 09:30:55
Posted By: April R
Location: Virginia Beach, VA United States
Great Seat. Now I can drive with out my dog on me! My 2 pound teacup maltese loves her seat. It doesn"t attach in my car as stated but we were easily able to secure it to the seats!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-03-08 10:22:48
Love our car seat!
Posted By: Ginger McGinty
Location: Harvest, AL United States
Gizmo loves the seat! He can sit and be able to see out and because he is also wearing the harness I don't have to worry about him falling if I have to stop suddenly. It is great!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-12-27 13:37:17
Posted By: rebecca maddock
Location: Portland, OR United States
The carseat we ordered was delivered really quickly, we are very pleased with your service!!!!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-12-04 13:59:04
Posted By: Kristina
Location: Baltimore, MD United States
This product is great! A little hard to install on my SUV...but worth it. Puppy loves it!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-09-23 13:39:47
Pleather Console Lookout
Posted By: Sara Callender
Location: Nassau, FL Bahamas
I got the small size and it's perfect... My little 4.6 lb Yorkie luvs it... Installation wasn't too hard although the front strap that you place under the lid of your center console slides back so I had to place the strap around the front of my console to prevent the seat from sliding backwards w/ my dog in it... That seems to have done the trick...
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-09-17 13:06:02
Perfect score!
Posted By: Kimberly Sang
Location: Lake Mary, FL United States
This little carseat for my Maltese is perfect! It's just the right size and will be perfect when we go on road trips. It also makes me feel better that she will be strapped in and safe.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-09-02 10:11:16
Car Seat
Posted By: Joyce Dellinger
Location: Stanley, NC United States
I was so reluctant to try, but our little one LOVES it! It was easyto install and is secure. Most of all our girl is happy, she can see out well & strech out on a road trip.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-09-02 08:57:36
Posted By: Antonay
Location: Temple Hills, MD United States
This console lookout is great, my puppy loves it.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-08-31 11:01:03
Console Car Seat
Posted By: Cindy
Location: Maumelle, AR United States
We haven't had the car seat for long but we love it. It was very easy to install. Ruby (mini daschund) rides in it very securely and it seems to destress her. Gone are the days of her walking all over to find a "safe place" We just buckle her in and away we go.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-08-18 18:41:38
Pleather Console
Posted By: Cookie Dobbs
Location: The Woodlands, TX United States
It's a wonderful bed for the front seat of the truck. It's just a little bit of a tight fit for a long dachshund.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-06-03 12:29:58
Love this car seat
Posted By: Elisa
Location: Troy, OH United States
I bought this for my teacup chi Minnie. It is big enough for her to stretch out, or cuddle in a ball. The fabric on the inside is really soft. It does collect heat in the summer, so I turn the air on if she gets to hot, but being a chi, I think she likes that. Its the perfect height for her to look out and watch everything on our car rides. I love the fact that I know she is safe and looks good at the same time. We love her new car seat!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-05-31 09:10:18
Like the Seat But............
Posted By: Judy Smith
Location: Durham, NC United States
When we received the "LookOut Car Seat" I was so excited to get it. My 4lb Yorkie loves to ride and also be able to look out. My Yorkie loves it, but he had rather stand up on his front paws and look out. When trying to install the seat, it was not as easy as the video showed. My car does not have the metal bars at the bottom to attach the straps to. My husband had to sort of configure another way to get it properly installed. The seat fits a little snug and when we have to adjust our seats, it rubs against the car seat. Overall, the car seat is great and now my Yorkie can ride in safety. Thank you.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-05-13 10:12:31
Love the Console Car Seat
Posted By: Kalyne
Location: buford, GA United States
Love this item! Madison now see out when she rides with us.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-01-21 01:14:18
Polly Loves It
Posted By: Robbi
Location: IN United States
Hello, I just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know that we did get Polly's Console Lookout, vest, and comb that you sent. I put the lookout on the floor when I opened the package and she jumped right in it. I almost couldn't get it away from her. Next, my husband secured it in our SUV, then strapped her in. She absolutely loves riding in it. We've tried everything in the past to get her to ride in the car without squirming and nothing worked, but for some reason she's perfect in this console lookout. She doesn't even try to get out of it - she just sits there looking ahead. Thank you for the Lookout and the extra free items - everything is wonderful. We appreciate your kindness and professionalism! Have a great day!
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