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Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-05-05 13:40:06
A good choice for small dogs on the go!
Posted By: Mojo Mom
Location: NC United States
The Snoozer Pet Messenger Bag is a great shoulder bag for carrying a small dog on-the-go. Our puppy weighs 4 pounds and she has room to grow, but not as much as I would have expected. For now this is a great carrier for trips when we are actually carrying her around. We take a larger portable crate for longer car trips and visits that don't involve carrying the puppy around. This bag has helpful pockets and is very light overall. Being comfortable for the dog and light to carry are the most important features. It is important to note that this bag has mesh panels that are see-through. So this is not an "incognito" bag, though it is inconspicuous. I like the mesh because it is nicely ventilated and I also like the gender-neutral design so that a man would not feel foolish carrying this bag. Product box says "holds pets up to 12 lbs." I would recommend this bag for a small dog who might grow to 12 pounds, but it's not clear that a 12 pound dog would feel comfortable in this carrier for a long period of time. Two design notes: 1. I wish it had a dedicated seat belt loop on the back. 2. the bag does stand up, but will tip over if the dog moves around a lot, which can be annoying. Overall, I definitely recommended the Snoozer Pet Messenger Bag as a convenient, well-made, reasonably priced dog tote.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-07-13 18:46:04
Messenger Bag
Posted By: Thia
Location: Fairfax, VA United States
I have a mixed review about the bag. It's really made for men. No matter how I adjust the strap, the bag isn't all that stable and continually bounces against my hip area when I walk. The stability straps make it a little worse. That said, my chihuahua LOVES being in it - just not when I wear it. I've kept it as a carrier. It zips completely to protect her from bugs and I bring it to night activities when I have my chi, so she is incredibly comfortable, happy, and bug free. It made it's debut a few nights ago when I went to an outside party and worked perfectly. My male friend carried her in it and it was much more stable.
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