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219370 - Puppia Step-In Soft Vest Harness

Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2016-03-24 19:23:55
Top Quality Harness
Posted By: D.
Location: Delray Beach, FL United States
Beautiful Harness from Puppia, great quality and it fit my puppy perfectly. Quick delivery and great packaging. Thank you. I enjoy buying from G.W. Little. Their products are superb!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-09-14 11:34:42
Pooch feels comfy in her Puppia
Posted By: vilma
Location: los angeles, CA United States
Our Corkie (Cocker/Yorkie) obviously feels much more comfortable in her Puppia harness than in a collar. This little girl loves to pull when walking on a leash and the Puppia saves her neck and trachea as it prevents her from pulling. She is a crafty little Houdini and one time managed to wiggle out of it. Therefore, it is important that their legs are all the way in as far as they will go and everything is firmly secured. Great product.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-09-06 14:42:51
Best Harness Ever
Posted By: Lynn
Location: Newport Beach, CA United States
Love these harnesses and have them in red, purple, and pink. The fit is great and better yet, they are the only ones I've ever found where she can't pull through the neck. Safest one. So great I've bought a number for friends' pups.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-03-19 12:20:45
Location: SUNNYVALE, CA United States
Fits perfectly and Lili looks adorable Thank you!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-03-03 12:14:47
Dependable staple
Posted By: Linda
Location: PA United States
I don't think any small dog owner could go wrong with this Puppia harness. I ordered one in black from G.W. Little, and of course the delivery was very quick. I had this same vest in pink for my 8 pound dog, and though a year old it looks nearly new. Fits well, can be counted on to not pull off the dog and allow an escape, and is durable.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-12-29 12:08:42
Great Harness!
Posted By: Jen L.
Location: San Jose, CA United States
Our maltipoo Watson always seemed to be in between sizes when we would buy him harnesses at the local pet stores, nothing ever seemed to fit him right and he would always manage to slip out of them making walks very stressful. I found this harness and liked the fact that it had 2 fasteners; 1 clip and 1 velcro and seemed to be more adjustable than our previous harnesses so I purchased it. We were not at all disappointed. The harness fits our little guy perfect and seems to be more comfortable for him to wear. If we ever need a new harness in the future this is definitely the one we will be purchasing again.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-12-23 10:28:43
Nice, soft, & comfortable
Posted By: LG Butler
Location: Holiday, FL United States
Love this halter for my fur baby. Would recommend it highly.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-10-25 12:19:14
best harness ever!!!
Posted By: kristen
Location: waxhaw, NC United States
My morkie is 2.2lbs and I searched hi and low to find a harness that would fit his tiny frame. This harness fits perfectly!!! It is soft and secure and he loves it!!! We love it because it doesn't choke him either. It is great!!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-09-01 12:32:54
Puppia Step In Soft Vest
Posted By: Ron Wolf
Location: Acworth, GA United States
This is the 4th or 5th one in varying sizes I've gotten over the years - each one is still well made, and very easy to fasten, particularly if you have arthritis or limited hand strength. The Velcro dot and the parachute clip makes getting "dressed" for a walk quick and easy. GW Little's service is the BEST!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-05-12 10:25:15
Solved our problem
Posted By: Suzanne Bowles
Location: Florham Park, NJ United States
We were having a problem finding a harness for our little Toy Fox Terrier. Puppia was recommended to me by several people. I ordered this one & it's great! It fits perfectly because it is easily adjustable and it's easy to get on & off. The dog is comfortable & it looks great on her.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-03-05 10:52:20
Puppia step-in harness
Location: CARY, NC United States
I love the refined look of this harness along with the THREE (not one, not two, but three) safety catches, just wonderful that there is not a chance of a "harness escape" occurring!!! In fact I will be getting one for my Chihuahua as well as this one for my Yorkie...thanks!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-02-11 17:01:17
Posted By: B Kauffman
Location: Murrieta, CA United States
Have a 17 lb Yorkie mix and biggest size just fit. Very nicely padded but will be too hot to have on dog in the summer.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-02-08 11:18:45
Love it!
Posted By: Sharon Howard
Location: Conyers, GA United States
I love the Puppia Soft vest harness. Love the way they fit and they keep my babies safe.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-01-24 12:24:32
Puppia harness
Posted By: Sandy
Location: Fairfield, CA United States
Everything I get from G.W. Little is top quality. I haven't ever been disappointed in their products, and I receive it very quickly.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-01-03 13:16:38
Great Harness
Posted By: L Summers
Location: Newport Beach, CA United States
A cheery color and great fit and quality.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-11-02 21:20:03
Can't miss!
Posted By: Anna
Location: Franklin Park, IL United States
Great item! My little boy is 10 lbs and size Medium fits him perfectly.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-05-11 11:22:40
Posted By: Becky Loper
Location: Houston, TX United States
I absolutely love the Puppia soft vest harness, and my Shih Tzu, Gabby, loves it even more! Although I had to return the sz medium (too small), the sz Large fits perfectly, and she does not pull away when walking her! Thanks for making it so easy to shop G.W. Little!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-04-20 11:06:21
dan barnes
Posted By: maurine barnes
Location: grand rapids, MI United States
Order arrived promptly and in great condition. Unfortunately was too small but sent it back and ordered another which also came very promptly. That one fits perfect and we just love it. Your Customer Service agents are sooo friendly and it's been a happy experience dealing with you every time. We will certainly order with you once again in the near future. Oh and P.S., I also love your catalog!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-11-20 11:34:23
Puppia Step-In Harness
Posted By: Holly
Location: Hollywood, FL United States
I am familiar with the Puppia brand. However, this was the first step in harness I have purchased. Honestly, I was apprehensive about ordering on line. I measured my little 10 lb dog twice and ordered the medium. It fits perfectly. Puppia makes a great harness.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-10-23 15:03:07
Puppia Harness
Posted By: Nanci Ventura
Location: Warner Robins, GA United States
This vest was perfect for my little cockapoo puppy! She is 4 months old and LOVES her walks now with her harness instead of clipping a lead to her collar. This harness is very soft and has an indention for her neck so she does not choke. The fit was perfect with a little room to spare for growth as it has an adjustable velcro wrap as well. Love it!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-08-25 10:41:30
Posted By: Kim Beardslee
Location: Ripon, CA United States
I love it and so does Zoe. Fit is perfect and quality is excellent.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-08-22 11:40:56
Puppia Soft vest harness
Posted By: Ron Wolf
Location: Atlanta, GA United States
This is a perfect fit on my 12 week old, 3.5 pound Maltese puppy Rudy. He's so small that even the smallest "puppy" or cat collar will pull right off his head! This is the second vest I've gotten; the other is for my larger 10 pound 6 year old Maltese Quincy. He finds it very confortable and secure, too. The vest is easy for someone with arthritis to fasten; no very small, hard to buckle fasteners on the Puppia! Not much adjustment room, so measure carefully. Great product.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-07-15 13:46:04
Best Harness
Posted By: pat g.
Location: St. Louis, MO United States
This is by far the best harness for little dogs that I have ever owned. Sizing is right on target. Fits well and is easy to get on and off. I will be buying more!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-07-11 18:55:42
Great Harness
Posted By: Lynda Crosby
Location: Fremont, CA United States
This was perfect for my neice's Boston since it's hard to fit things over her head. The step in style is perfect and it's soft so it doesn't irritate her skin like other harnesses have.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-06-18 00:54:57
Harness Fits Perfect
Posted By: Linda DeBenedittis
Location: Falcon, CO United States
Fits my small Chi well, and she does not seem to mind having it on like she did her old harness.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-06-18 00:53:24
Harness Fits Perfect
Posted By: Linda DeBenedittis
Location: Falcon, CO United States
My Chi loves this, and it fits very well.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-05-19 14:50:49
Pefect for Tiny Puppy
Posted By: Kim Davis Steele
Location: Oklahoma City, OK United States
I bought the XS for my 7 week old mini doxie and it fits perfectly with some room to grow. The fabric is so soft and cushioned so it doesn't irritate his baby skin. I don't have to worry about hurting him like a traditional collar might do.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-04-18 11:27:23
Love it!
Posted By: Diane
Location: Bellerose, NY United States
Great product, we feel confident with this harness. Just what we were looking for and perfect fit thanks to the guidelines. No hasles ordering online, quick delivery. I would definitely order from them again. :-)
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-04-06 10:53:10
Posted By: April
Location: Temecula, CA United States
Love it! Fits perfect for my Yorkie!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-02-14 09:23:03
Aewsome Harness
Posted By: Debra Sherman
Location: Mobile, AL United States
This is absolutely the best harness for my little Yorkie. It fits perfect. He weighs approx. 5.5-6 lbs. and I ordered the small. He loves it and there is no pulling involved when we go for our walks now. Great purchase!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-01-18 10:54:09
Pupia Step-In Soft Vest
Posted By: Ann Burgess
Location: Princeton, IL United States
Very pleased with this harness. It is very well made and my little dog really likes it too. Also, thank you for such great service.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-12-05 13:21:00
Dog owner
Posted By: Linda Campbell
Location: Sahuarita, AZ United States
Very well made, appears to be comfortable for our puppy.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-09-22 13:42:58
Location: GARDEN GROVE, CA United States
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-08-10 20:44:50
Posted By: Ellen Finger
Location: Saugerties, NY United States
The puppia soft harness is wonderful. The puppy knows when we put it on him he's going to go with us. He's always ready to go. Doesn't like to be left behind.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-06-22 13:11:13
Dog Harness
Posted By: Janet
Location: Mohave Valley, AZ United States
My dog harness arrived right away and the quality was superior!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-06-06 11:22:24
Great for little dogs
Posted By: Ellie
Location: Elmira, NY United States
I have a four and a half pound Yorkie that has a very sensitive throat. She chokes very easily. This harness prevents any pressure on the sensitive throat area and also cannot be escaped from by your little one.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-05-22 18:25:53
Not to her liking
Posted By: Deb Hose
Location: Williamsport, MD United States
This is a very well made harness but my picky little gal did not like it. When I put it on her she would not walk and was determine to get it off. I tried using it for about a month and gave up.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-05-11 19:53:52
Puppia love
Posted By: Debbie Weaver
Location: Buffalo, NY United States
I just love the Puppia harness. My puppy panics when we try to put a traditional collar on him so I got the Puppia harness and we have no more problems. It fits wonderfully and is very easy to use!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-05-08 14:01:57
Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness
Posted By: Marco
Location: Minneapolis, MN United States
The only negative part of the puppia soft vest dog harness is due to lack of expanding as the puppy grows. While I don't want another size expansion there is absolutely no room to decrease or increase the clasp. Otherwise the harness is wonderful and I would recommend, IF you know exactly the size you will need. NO fluctuation if the pup grows or is too small for the next size up.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-04-17 14:36:17
The Best
Posted By: Jewel Thompson
Location: West Bloomfield, MI United States
I really enjoy the way the harness fits as it is true to size. It is very easy to put on and makes the dog very comfortable. He likes it. This was an excellent purchase!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-03-18 22:46:27
Love It!
Posted By: Virginia
Location: Pearland, TX United States
I absolutely love this harness! I no longer worry about Coco coming out of her harness on our walks when she sees a squirrel. I wish it wasn't hand wash but I'm happy enough with it that I can deal with it. Would definitely recommend this harness.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-03-04 12:02:31
Perfect for my Yorkie pup
Posted By: Linda Spitz
Location: Virginia Beach, VA United States
This is definitely a must have for those with small dogs. It is easy to step into and easy close. Perfect for walking my little Yorkie pup. He is 2 pounds now. It was hard to find something small enough for him. I will buy another one as he grows.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-02-22 13:03:50
Posted By: Betty Jo Chambers
Location: Smyrna, GA United States
I love this vest. So easy on & off. My 5lb. contortionist maltese couldn't get out of it as she can some of her harnesses. Hope you make a light weight one for summer. Fit is great. Did see about a 1 or 2 inch diffence in size between 2 of same size, but was OK.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-01-05 19:30:15
Pupia soft harness
Posted By: NanCY HAMMOND
Location: Geismar, LA United States
Very easy & quick delivery. Love the communication and updates on delivery!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-09-29 10:18:24
Puppia choke free harness
Posted By: Mea Aparicio
Location: West Hills , CA United States
Love the harness and fits really well. It ran smaller than I thought so I got one size larger than my dog usually wears. Great quality.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-08-28 13:44:36
Puppia Step-In Soft Vest Harness
Posted By: Richi D
Location: Little Neck, NY United States
Very soft and looks more comfortable than the other step in harnesses i have used. Very easy to put on and hold my dog very securely. Material is strong and looks durable.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-08-19 14:04:55
Puppia Step in Dog Harness
Posted By: Howard Capurro
Location: Lake Forest, CA United States
Excellent fit
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-08-12 14:45:34
Puppia Vests are Very Secure for Little
Posted By: H.M. Bencini
Location: Weston, FL United States
My little Min Pin has a tendency to lunge at squirrels and ducks on our walks, and when she does so, she makes horrible choking sounds, even with her Martingale collar! The vest harness fits beautifully, and with both the velro and buckle, I have no worries about her pulling a Houdini and getting out of the harness.
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