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1Z Winter Coat with Built-In Harness + Enlarge Image

1Z Winter Coat with Built-In Harness

Product No. 217368 | Brand: PawZ Dog Boots

It's no wonder this "1Z dog coat" has a patent!

How cool is this:

A new high-tech coat designed like a great ski jacket. Slips on easily over your dog's head. Includes a zipper up the back of the neck for those blustery days when the wind and snow are blowing.

Nylon harness is sewn in between the layers both in front of and behind the front legs. Pull the harness taught from the top for a perfect fit against their chest, and to keep the weather out. Use the adjustable stop to keep the harness in position. Attach your favorite leash and you're off.

The 1Z coat uses innovative new textiles which are soft, lightweight, and very durable. Inside feels soft like polar fleece and the entire coat is washable.

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  • Asked by Liz, December 7, 2010 at 07:08:37 PM EST.
    Q: Hi there,
    I would like to order this jacket for my yorkie, but it looks like you dont have smaller sizes in stock. Do you know when you will get more in. My dog has a girth of 14"

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  • Asked by LD McCabe, March 31, 2011 at 10:18:47 AM EDT.
    Q: My Miniature Schnauzer/s have girths of 17" and 21" but are only 14" in length from neck to tail ... is this jacket adjustable enough to tighten up with the adjustable stop to make up for the lack of girth should I order the 14" size?
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  • Asked by Anonymous, November 2, 2012 at 05:29:50 PM EDT.
    Q: Why don't you make a size 8 for small dogs. Also, why not a pink for the girls. I have 2 Maltese and always buy contrasting colors in the same harness. They are 8" & 9" long and 13" around. I've been looking for a winter harness that closes on their back instead of their stomach forever. Thanks Bett
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