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West Coast Rain Wear + Enlarge Image

West Coast Rain Wear

34.99 26.13
Product No. 211569 | Brand: Canine Friendly

Neither Rain nor Snow nor Gloom of Night... Will keep us from the great outdoors! Designed in Canada, these fleece lined rain jackets are not only warm and cozy, they're water repellent to keep your little dog dry. Plus, they feature reflective strips to keep them safe in the dark. Black and pink jackets slip on easily with velcro attachments and cover neck to tail. Washable too!

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The reflective strip offers visibility and safety on those night walks from cars or other dogs.


Top Gear!

There's no doubt that dressing up your little dog gives you a lot of pleasure, and also gets you compliments when you're out and about with them. But there's a lot more to clothing them than the look-good factor.
In the colder months their small body needs the extra warmth: whether you're taking them out on the town or just around the block on a potty break, slip on their favorite sweater, hoodie, or parka and you're set. Paw protection is also advised to stop them from getting chills on snow, ice, or cold concrete, as well as protection from salt. Consider soft and cozy pajamas, too, for cool nights when they wiggle out from under the blanket.
In summer you'll need a change of wardrobe. A lighter T or tank will protect them from bugs and keep their coat clean – fewer trips to the groomer equals more money in your pocket! Rain gear, of course, is essential all the time to keep them dry. Having said all that, seasonal celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas are always the perfect time to splurge on an outfit that's all about fun!

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  • Asked by B.N., September 5, 2013 at 02:05:49 PM EDT.
    Q: Am I able to order something from Canada?
    If so I like the coat but in black, my Yorky is 4 month now and will be about 7lb fully grown so I would need another coat, thought I order 2 in a different size now

    Why can I not order 1 coat in black size 8"
    and 1 coat in size 6?
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