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Waterproof Fleece Jacket for Dogs - Hurtta + Enlarge Image

Waterproof Fleece Jacket for Dogs - Hurtta

79.99 58.77
Product No. 222636 | Brand: Hurtta Pro Collection

  • Big Dog Sizes available
  • Quick tension drawstring around girth takes up slack
  • Quick tension drawstring around collar as well
  • Houndtex® technology acts as dog's second skin
  • Stretch ribbed collar, cuffs, and tail
  • Wide protective tongue behind YKK zipper keeps fur away from track
  • Rear leg straps keep jacket in place
  • Extremely soft and comfortable to wear
  • Reflective 3M accent piping for nighttime safety
This is one of the nicest jackets your dog will ever own! Amazing quality and attention to detail. Short sleeves will allow freedom of movement. Easy to put on and take off. The zipper is on the top so the jacket goes on like a step-in harness. A wide tongue behind the zipper keeps your dog's hair out of the way. The quick-cinch drawstring around the girth takes up all the necessary slack which is why these show such large girths for each length.

It's best to start with the proper top length then find the girth to match. Click for a Hurtta Fleece Jacket size chart.

LAST CALL - no more when gone. No Returns.

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Hurtta Collection - Fleece Jacket
Size Back Length Chest Girth
9 9" (24cm) up to 15" (37cm) 10-12" (25-29cm)
11 11" (27cm) up to 17" (42cm) 10-12" (26-30cm)
12 12" (30cm) up to 22" (55cm) 9-11" (24-28cm)
13 13" (33cm) up to 24" (60cm) 14-16" (35-40cm)
14 14" (36cm) up to 25" (64cm) 17-19" (43-48cm)
16 16" (40cm) up to 27" (69cm) 17-19" (43-48cm)
17* 17" (42cm) up to 22" (56cm) 15-17" (38-43cm)
18 18" (45cm) up to 28" (70cm) 19-21" (47-52cm)
20 20" (50cm) up to 31" (80cm) 22-24" (55-60cm)
22 22" (55cm) up to 32" (82cm) 20-24" (51-61cm)
24 24" (60cm) up to 35" (89cm) 22-26" (55-65cm)
26 26" (65cm) up to 35" (89cm) 23-27" (59-69cm)
* good size for Dachshundsgwlittle

  • No softeners
  • Machine wash warm
  • No bleach
  • Air dry
  • Iron low if needed
  • Do not dryclean
Shell is 100% Polyester with Houndtex®.

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  • Asked by kim, January 8, 2012 at 01:55:20 PM EST.
    Q: does the style of the jacket allow the dog to urinate while it's on? I have a male boxer who lifts his leg to urinate and I need a jacket that allows him to do so.
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