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Poochie Bells

Product No. 208589 | Brand: Poochie-Bells

"I need to go out!" With easy-to-follow training instructions included, your dog will never scratch at the door, or have to perform cartwheels, again! A light tapping of these attractive Poochie Bells lets you know it's time! Recommended and endorsed by professional trainers and breeders.

Provides years of potty performance with just a jingle. Over 95% success rate - it's really up to you, Poochie Bells just provides the simple catalyst to complete the house-training you always wanted. Friends, dog-sitters, and visitors easily recognize and support this simple signal. Guaranteed to make cats jealous!

Durable grosgrain ribbon dangles 24 inches from your doorknob - within easy reach of even the smallest of breeds. For dogs from 10 weeks to 20 years. "It's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks."

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A Little Training Goes a Long Way:

It may take a little effort to train your pets to use the Poochie Bells, but, the rewards will last a long time. Introduce your pet to the Poochie Bells using consistent voice commands and visual reinforcement by ringing the bells in front of them and repeating the same command you wish to associate with them going outside to potty.
When they start ringing the bells themselves be sure to provide plenty of praise. Dogs love to please, so it doesn't take much to accomplish this learned behavior. Please avoid giving treats or food with the act of ringing the bells as this will reward a behavior for food instead of going outside "for business."

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