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Dog Bike Basket - Sporty Model + Enlarge Image

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Dog Bike Basket - Sporty Model

$89.99 $74.99
Product No. 214651 | Brand: O'Donnell Industries
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New dog bike basket, called the Sporty model, makes it easy to zoom around town with your small dog on your bike. By far the easiest and most sturdy basket we've found. No flimsy hardware or handlebar adapters to mount. Be careful of other multi-use carriers claiming to be good bike baskets.

Easy to install, the Sporty Bike Basket is made of durable microfiber, and includes a removable rain cover. Available in Orange or Red and measuring 10" x 10" x 13", this must have bike basket features:
  • Removable inner pad
  • 2 large zippered front pockets
  • Padded chin rest for pet's comfort
  • Interior leash clip
  • Two side water bottle pockets
  • Holds up to 10 lbs.

Also available in the original Buddy Dog Bike Basket.
(Harness, blankets, and accessories sold separately)

Video showing how to Install Dog Bike Baskets. Video how to use buddy bicycle basket

Peluche goes for a ride in Santa Monica. spacer FREE SHIPPING to lower 48-states. Use coupon SHIP4FREE

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Bike basket
September 16, 2015 | By Kerry
I have a 3 pound Yorkie-poo and he loves this bike basket! I love it too! I only wish it were half the size because he is so small. Also it sits a little crooked on the bike - I'm not sure why. It certainly can't be his weight! Otherwise it's perfect and we have so much fun!

Sporty bike basket
July 19, 2015 | By Heather
Our Maltese loves the basket! It was incredibly easy to install.

Bike basket
July 4, 2014 | By Cheryl
Very nice, the color is great, and my dog loves it.

Great quality product w/ safety issues
May 6, 2013 | By Marinda Wong
I was surprised to find the basket so well made, it is a heavy duty bike basket that is made to last. It has multiple pockets as pictured, the front has 2 pockets and although it is not depicted in the product picture, the rain cover is stored in the lower and larger of the 2 pockets, and it is attached to a strap that is sewed into the interior of the top smaller pocket. This way, you won't misplaced it, and in situation where the rain cover is in used, it will remain attached to the bike basket if it was to come loose. It also has a cardboard insert that helps make the base of the basket hard providing support for the puppy, and helping to keep the shape of the basket. At the top of the basket, the 2 straps sits across the top taking up a couple of inches of the opening of the basket on each side. Inside the basket, there is an adjustable strap that is used to secure the dog into the basket.

There is a metal bar that is inserted into the bottom of the basket that serves several purposes: 1- it keeps the basket in its form when expanded, 2- it provides some support when the dog is in the basket, and 3- it leans against the bike to stabilize the basket. One of the safety flaws is that this metal bar doesn't really support the dog's weight (#2) because it is "leaned against" the bike rather than installed onto the bike frame to provide permanent stability. It can slightly swing to the right and left when weights are added to the basket and the bike is moving. This could be fixed by adding a couple of bungee cords. I also used the bungee cords for another important safety reason (mentioned below).

The basket is held onto the bike by 2 straps with plastic clips. With my puppy being only 11 lbs, the straps and clips SHOULD hold the basket in place with my dog is in it. Unfortunately, when the straps are not wrapped around the handle in a certain angle, even when adjusted, it could slip from the clip which loosen up the strap from the bike handle with just a light push down on the basket. That was scary, fortunately, my dog wasn't in the basket at the time. With the bike cables being in the way, I couldn't get the straps to stay in place when weights are added to the basket. So, I added the bungee cords to provide security.

I added photos to this product but not sure where they went. If you can find them, it will help you with the basket and bungee cord installation. Let me try to explain it - do this when the basket is installed onto the bike: At the top of the basket where the 2 straps are on both sides, there is a silver metal ring, hook one bungee cord onto each ring. Then look at where the metal bar at the base of the basket where it leans onto the bike. Take one of the bungee cord and stretch it under and around the part of the frame where this metal bar is leaned onto the bike, and hook the other end of the bungee cord onto the other side of the metal bar. Do the same with the other bungee cord. The 2 bungee cords should for somewhat like an X, crossing each other on the bike frame near the base of the basket. I am going to see if I can find another product page that will allow me to upload pictures. With the correct installation and right length of bungee cords - about a foot long, the bike basket will be secured.

If all the pet bike baskets that I looked at, this is by far the best in terms of construction and quality. It's not perfect and fortunately, nothing a couple of bungee cords cannot fix :-).

BIKE INFO: My bike is a Specialized CrossTrail (hybrid). It does have flat handle bars and brake cables sticking out. Make sure the brakes work before going for a ride. I have read many reviews, and some commented that this basket works with flat handle bars.

PET INFO: I have a terrier mix that is 11 lbs. She fits perfectly in the bike.

snoozer pet carrier
October 29, 2012 | By edward pindral
I'm happy with my purchase, if I physically saw the product before hand I may not have purchased it, the dog carrying bag is best suited to a bike with straight handle bars or/which are uncluttered by brake handles,cables, bell, lights etc.

Very Poor Design (with counterpoint)
July 19, 2012 | By Richard Gardner
I have owned 2 bike shops. I have been a certified bicycle mechanic since the 1970's. i'm currently an avid rider logging between 80-200 miles per week. I know bicycles inside and out. This is the very worst accessory for a bicycle I have ever seen! I would never put my dog in this carrier. Here are the issues:
1) NO secure attachment to the bike. The straps just go around the bars and it relays on weight and gravity to hold it down. It literally hangs on the bike.
2) The bottom bar just leans against the frame.
3) If you hit a bump the basket and the dog will go flying in the air and your dog will likely be hung.
4) It will ONLY work, as advertised, with a tall goose neck (handlebar riser).
5) Interferes with brake and gear cables.
Even an inexpensive bike basket will have secure clamps that attach to your bars and have solid supports that attach to your forks. This has neither. It literally hangs on the bars. Other reviews here are not from people with an engineering degree.


While we appreciate the engineering perspective we must say he's missing the end user's objective for using this basket. Having used both Snoozer models ourselves for many years and over many miles we've never experienced any issues with these baskets. Yes, prudence dictates you make sure the basket works on your style bike and does not interfere with cable controls, and adding weight to the front of the bike will affect its handling. It causes you to slow down.

You would have to go over a pretty severe bump to dislodge the basket and dog, and even if someone lost control going over big bumps their dog should not be "hung" since you will be using a harness and not a collar attached to the tether strap. Also, it's extremely doubtful anyone using these baskets with their "most precious cargo" would ride aggressively. It's certainly not meant to go racing or off-road mountain bike riding, but rather enjoyable leisurely rides with your dog.

We have no reservations about using these as represented and continue to use them taking Peluche on rides all the time, and she loves it. Were thankful for the ease of use by not having clamps and gravity does a fantastic job of keeping everything in place. If you ride with caution, as we feel our customers are intelligent enough to do with their dog on board, none of the points raised here should be an issue. Enjoy and Ride Safe.

bike basket
April 28, 2012 | By Susan Williams
Our 11 1/2 year maltese Rebel absolutely loves his bike basket...he can't wait til Sun afternoon so he can ride again! The basket attaches easily and is very sturdy! Thanks for a great product!

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Dog Bike Basket - Sporty Model

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