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Quilted Puppy Pads Max Absorbency + Enlarge Image

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Quilted Puppy Pads Max Absorbency

$12.99 $11.79
Product No. 220517 | Brand: Lola Bean International
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Maximum absorbency quilted puppy training pads are quick-drying, have sealed edges and leak-proof backing for all day worry free protection. Quick-drying advanced technology polymers cells provide even coverage throughout the pad and quickly absorbs moisture.

Choose from 2 sizes in either lemon scented or unscented. Each box features a convenient carry handle and quick dispensing slot. spacer


Best Puppy Pads Ever
May 1, 2014 | By Sandra Milner
I have had 6 dogs and have bought regular pet store pads that were more money. GWL'S puppy pads are very absorbent, and even with the unscented, I never smelled anything. You get more pads, more absorbent, and are actually less money than pet stores. The handled boxes are very convenient as well.
Good buy!

April 8, 2012 | By Iris
I bought these pads for my 12 week old Morkie who is still learning the potty. I put these in her doggie crate and she just takes care of her business. I will be buying these from now on. Thanks GW Little!

Lola Bean
November 11, 2010 | By Sherri
I tested these pads just as I did with several others from GW, and I was very pleased with these. They are one of my favorites. I took one of the pads, just "to see", and poured 1.5 cups of water on it. It held well, and I think it would have held more, at least another half cup. The edge held the fluid...that's important. In actual "field tests", pads did great and the gel action was apparent. I don't think any of them are perfect when there is a ton of urine, but I felt it was adequate and very fairly priced. I have 20 lb pugs, so if you have a smaller dog you will be even more pleased with the way they hold up. I like the the square shape the best, and i use a frame so after Angel circles 50 times, the pad isn't in a wad. The pad has to be used appropriately, but I think everyone will be pleased with these. Thanks John!!!

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Quilted Puppy Pads Max Absorbency

220517 (price may vary by option)

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