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Peticure Petite + Enlarge Image

Peticure Petite

$29.99 $18.77 Product No. 421885 | Brand: GD Spectrum, Inc

At last, "WORRY-FREE" dog nail care you can do at home. Peticure® is a revolutionary grooming tool that completely removes the fear of hurting your pet's nails while saving you both time and money.

Instead of clipping, this tool gently files the nail down giving it a smooth, rounded natural shape. Easy-to-use with a built-in safe guard, just insert nail into one of the six graduated sizing holes and file for 3 to 5 seconds at a time. Be sure to alternate nails and check the quick after each filing. Frequent use actually helps recede the quick. Best of all, it will save your hardwood floors, furniture and you from scratches. (Do not charge more than 4 hours!)

Peticure Nail Trimmer includes a rechargeable adapter.

LAST CALL - No More When Gone!

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How to peticure® the nail
Peticure's Three Rules:

  1. File the nail for only 3-5 seconds at one time. This avoids excess friction.
  2. Alternate nails as you file. This technique further insures friction is not an issue.
  3. Always look at the nail after each and every filing pass. This is necessary to guage the quick.

How do I know when to stop?

The most common question asked about the peticure® is, "How do I know when to stop?". The simple answer to the question is this. "Filing" as a method of nail removal is very incremental. When removing paper thin layers, the danger of taking off too much at one time is not possible. If it is your first time using peticure®, be conservative and only round off the sharp edges and obvious overgrowth.

Introducing peticure®

Spending a few days properly introducing peticure® will make a lifetime of ease in giving them a treatment. Turn on peticure® and give the dog his or her favorite treat at the same time. Put the filer close to the dog as you give the treat. Praise the dog. Repeat this several times until the pet is comfortable and anticipates the treat. Now, get a treat out as usual except this time we will touch the tip on ONE nail to the peticure® filer. Treat the dog and or play after. Always condition your pet with a positive experience after an encounter.

How to assemble the peticure®

  1. Make sure you have all the parts
  2. Expose threads by unscrewing the protective cap
  3. Insert the drum into the collet nut
  4. Press down the shaft lock button
  5. tighten the drum into place with the collet nut while pressing down the shaft lock button
  6. Release the shaft lock button
  7. Screw on and tighten the safeguard (do not overly tighten)
  8. Make sure the filing band is aligned evenly with the contact opening

Attaching the filing band

  1. Remove the peticure® safeguard shield
  2. Press down the safely latch with your thumb
  3. Unscrew the tightening bolt
  4. Remove band and attach new band
  5. Tighten bolt and reattach safeguard

Attaching the peticure® safeguard

  1. Hold the rotary tool firmly
  2. Unscrew the protective cover
  3. Screw in the peticure® safeguard

Charging the battery

  1. Press down safety release
  2. Remove battery
  3. Insert battery in the charger
  4. Do not charge more than 4 hours

Peticure® vs dremel

  1. Adjustable size openings for superior control
  2. Eliminates accidental hair winding
  3. Eliminates abrasions
  4. Eliminates projectile nail debris

Will peticure® frighten my pet?
We can not emphasize this enough. Spending a few days properly introducing peticure® and creating a positive association will make a lifetime of ease in giving them. Turn on peticure® and give the pet his or her favorite treat at the same time. This will make your pet associate peticure® with a positive experience.

How do I keep my filing band from slipping down the drum?
Please put the band in the correct position and then tighten the small screw on the top of the filing drum.

Will the sound from the peticure® frighten my pet?
Absolutely not! Peticure® was specifically designed with this in mind. Still using positive reinforcement by giving your pet a treat while using peticure® makes your pet associate the sound of peticure® with a positive experience.

How long does the filing drum attachment last?
Forever as long as proper care is taken.

How long do the filing bands last?
Depends on how long and thick your animals nails are. Generally the bands will last for several normal nail grooming sessions.

What kind of battery does the peticure® have?
The Battery is NI-CD, 600MA.
Petite 3.6 Volt

How long do I leave the battery on the charger and does the light go off or change color when it's fully charged?
The Petite charge up to 6 hrs MAX
(Overcharging may lead to death of the battery)

What are the RPM of the model?
Petite/one 5,000 rpm setting
DO NOT USE MORE THAN 10,000 rpm's (level 4)

Does it work for smaller animals such as ferrets, guinea pigs, birds, rabbits, turtles, etc.?
Yes, Peticure® will work on all small animals

The drum slips out of place how do I fix this?
1) You have to first unscrew and remove the guard.
2) Then press the chuck lock on the side and unscrew the metal chuck nut by turning it counter-clockwise. Then you can slid drum back into place and while pressing down on the chuck lock, tighten the chuck nut clockwise until the drum is held firm in place into place.

Does the Peticure® work for left-handed people?

Does battery have to completely wear down before recharging it?
No, just make sure to be aware of overcharging it.

What is your guarantee?
30 day money back

How do I attach the Safe Guard Attachment to my Dremel?
You have to unscrew the plastic collar cap on the top of your Dremel to expose the thread and then you can screw on the attachment.

How do I know when I am near the quick?
When filing, you can see the quick emerge through the layers of enamel when looking at the tip of the nail. Also, there is a soft layer between the hard outer shell and the quick. As you get close to the quick you can feel the leather like texture as opposed to the hard outer shell. Stop there.

How do I get the right size hole on my Peticure®?
This is done by pressing the two buttons on the side of your guard. Choose the correct size and lock the guard into place by letting go of the buttons.

How do I get the debris out of the Peticure®?
Just press the buttons on the side of your guard and take the plastic cap off then you can clean out the debris.

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Peticure Petite


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