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Pet Corrector Training Device

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Product No. 423276 | Brand: Pet Corrector
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Pet Corrector™ stops unwanted dog behavior by emitting a loud hiss of compressed air. Recommended by Dr. Roger Mugford the Pet Corrector can help stop barking, jumping, chasing, stealing food, and aggression.

When used properly the Pet Corrector will definitely get a dog's attention and they stop the unwanted behavior. It's like having Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, in a can. For frequent use and convenience we recommend the optional holster with belt clip and ring hook for the 50ml size (6" high). spacer spacer


Couldn't Believe How Well This Works!
February 10, 2015 | By Martha Mayer
I have a 7 yr. old Maltese. She has always been a barker and my youngest son encouraged her barking by telling her to, "Get The Bad Guys," whenever she was outside. He thought it was funny to see how aggressive she would be with dogs of all sizes. He is now married and out of the house :) but we were left with a yappy Maltese. I purchased 4 cans of this thinking that it would take at least this much to even have the slightest effect on my stubborn little girl. To my surprise, it worked at the very first spray. I haven't even used up one can yet and she just sees it and stops barking. This stuff REALLY WORKS, and this review is coming from a skeptic of most products. Do yourself a favor and buy it. You won't be sorry! :)

Getting more
September 6, 2013 | By Kathi Brill
Now after months of using this my dogs are listening so much better, they never jump up on guests. I also use it for the barker next door so I bought 3 more cans! This is such a great product and a humane way to correct a dog that I have decided to carry a can with me to give to those who need it. All you do is give a quick spritz and a verbal command, no or off or down, and in seconds they get it! No screaming or spanking necessary which is so much better and once they have responded positively, make sure that you don't forget to tell them that they did a good job as they just want to please you.

April 22, 2013 | By Kathi Brill
After just 2 sprays, the jumping up on guests stopped!! We had the neighbor pop in to help us and we were amazed at how fast it corrected that bad behavior we have been working on forever. He came over 5 hours later and the dogs (we have 2 yorkies) waited to be called, just amazing!! In the weeks that have followed we have had no troubles since. Great product!!!

OMG it works!!
April 5, 2013 | By Kathi Brill
I bought 2 of the small cans hoping they would help my 2 yorkies as they both had a problem jumping up on guests and whining when anyone walks down the street. Let me tell you how wonderful this is, with one zip of air they have both stopped the bad behaviors!!!! We did have the neighbor come over several times to see if it would work and both Buttons and Bows have competely stopped the bad behavior. It has changed everything for us, thank you sooooo much. I used it on the next door dog who never stops barking and it helped him also!! Complete bonus!!!!

Great Training Device
November 7, 2012 | By Melissa
This worked very well for my little Pom/Yorkie mix puppy as it was able to get her attention and deliver the message that what she was doing is a "no-no". If you are in open areas and are not close to the dog, it will not be as effective however if you are near them and are able to use it right as the action is done, it works quite well

Praise for Pet Corrector
November 7, 2012 | By FuninSB
I was very skeptical about this product that my husband heard about from a co-worker, but it honest to goodness works! I had been having problems with my terrier mix showing aggression towards other dogs while on a leash. I take him out every day and encounter a lot of dogs and honestly began to dread going out. His behaviour also prohibited us from having a pet sitter or anyone else walk him so after using this product consistently as instructed for about a week, the behavior was 90% gone!!! I still always bring it with me but I haven't had to use it, what a relief!! We can all enjoy our outings, especially other dogs and their owners! I highly recommend this to correct unwanted behavior!

it works!
October 23, 2012 | By deb
A couple of hisses from the container and now all i have to do is let her see me touch the canister and she shuts up! i can't use things that are ultrasound based as i have a pet gerbil.

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Pet Corrector Training Device

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Buy 3 or more and save 10%

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